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User PoppySeedMuffins

I like being nakey plus I have a cute leaf! :)

Known as Poppy
Gender It varies
Location Nebraska
Nationality American
DOB 3 December 2000
Occupation Doughnut
In Freedonia
First joined March 5, 2013
First building House near Caverns
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Poppy is a hella rad guy with some bomb ass houses! They're a funny, well liked moderator who "seems to have a way with the flowers." They enjoy building and teasing whiney 12 year olds. They have houses and builds all over Freedonia in places such as Winterthorn and Treetown . They have a baked goods shop on the cyan level of Diamondmall and they're building a book shop in the plaza out front of said mall. They're also working, although slowly, on a Panfreedonia rail system project headed by DarterSwiftblade, their father. If you wish to help with this public works project contact Poppy, DarterSwiftblade*, or huskyredstone* for details and they'll get you started!

  • They're rarely on so your best bet is to contact Poppy :)

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