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User Scampi_

What's under the pumpkin?

Known as Scampi
Gender Male
Location Canada
DOB March 19
Occupation Curator, Traveller, Builder
In Freedonia
First joined 22 November 2018
First building Remote storage unit
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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Basic History Lesson Scampi_ Joined MCO after getting sucked deep into a vortex of Minecraft videos, and stumbling across a video documenting the server after a years-long hiatus from MP. He wasn't sure if and for how long he'd stay after he joined, but after being given a spawner, a written book, and diamond starting kit moments after arriving, he figured he'd found something special.

His next course of action was to pour over the wiki, overhead map, rule list, and every official piece of news he could find. How interesting this place was, and how delightfully well-documented! While he never settled on an idea of what to do with himself until much later, he did have one immediate goal; build a storage unit in a remote, hidden location to house the rapidly-expanding mass of items he was accumulating.

Scampi_ knew only theft and looting, avoiding contact with other players and taking every single item that wasn't nailed down. He became intimately familiar with the transport infrastructure of Freedonia, using it to plot the most efficient route from place-to-place. In his travels, Scampi_ saw many of the great attractions, buildings, and cities of the land, and realised it would be madness to try and learn it all.

As his stockpile of resources swelled, Scampi_ decided he needed to do something with it. His first plans were for a deathtrap-maze-dungeon near spawn, but that eventually fizzled out when it became clear the area could get wiped partway through building by both griefers and local land resets. While the land-resets never came, Scampi_ had already thought of a better idea.


NECROPOLIS was first born out of a need to 'spend' the overflowing chestfuls of tools, resources, and building supplies packed into a woolen room at the bottom of the ocean. But as the build progressed, Scampi_ got into his stride and started developing all manner of interesting ideas to pack into the circular area he was clearing out. His end goal was to produce a highly unique town where everything inside could be entertaining, mysterious, and even dangerous. The successful realisation of this idea is now for visitors to judge.

The Vaults of Zin

Around the same time he decided to build a town, Scampi_ also decided he absolutely had to build a museum. A by-product of his earlier 'harvesting runs', where he stole with zero discrimination, Scampi_ had inadvertently collected a decent number of promotional artefacts, player heads, glitched items and blocks, and written books. After seeing the Freerdonia Museum, it was decided that another glorious display needed to be built. Scampi_ has acquired a sponge and all is good in the world.

The Future

Sometime around when Scampi_ was promoted to Moderator, he found less and less time to go exploring and looting like he used to, and instead settled down into a myriad of ongoing build projects. That combined with puzzling through Password Chest Hunts with Aziroeth, and performing regular mod duties, now occupies 99% of his time in Freedonia.



  • Newton's Apple Special town
  • The Iron Thresher 230m long Voidship, schematic exterior 90%, interior 25%
  • 40k Ban Flippeh schematic 100%
  • Tenements for Project Eros



  • NECROPOLIS and related structures
  • THE CATHEDRAL OF SIN Build contest entry, 3rd place
  • Sewer system for New Eden
  • Scampi's Spawn Dispenser
  • God Emperor Riot statue Build contest entry, 3rd place
  • Medieval village for Tenrou
  • MCO Survival Guide and other books



  • Traversing the land
  • Unique and rare items
  • Hoarding and meticulously organising
  • Unique and interesting builds
  • Fine detail work
  • When people take the time to lock all their chests
  • Azure rows


  • Getting stuck in the floor in the Nexus
  • Opening a chest in your vault and having a mini-heart attack when the items take longer than a second to load in
  • Grief
  • Builds that are little more than tacky displays of wealth
  • Large builds with a detailed exterior, but an empty, hollow core
  • Falling into the void
  • Book burning

Truth-Facts about Scampi_

  • If you see him the wild, he will NOT attack you. He has surprising patience for attempts on his life
  • He wants you to give him things for his museum
  • Give him things for his museum
  • Be on the lookout for the NECROPOLIS home lottery for your chance to win a FREE house!
  • He writes long, joyful tales about various holidays. Try to pick up a copy!
  • Scampi was banned long ago. Tales of his adventures are long forgotten. Scampi_ will hunt him down and claim his soul.

I've seen many things.

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