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User ScarClaw72


Known as Scar
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 25 2 2000
Occupation None (Yet)
In Freedonia
First joined 2 July 2016
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His Projects

The 6th Annivery Freedonia BirthdayCake
The Lunar Vault Project_MOON

A New Face For Freedonia

ScarClaw72 First joined Freedonia July 2nd, 2016 at 4:29 PM EST. He discovered the server from a goal to find the oldest minecraft server in existence. Warmly welcomed, Scar walked down the rules hall, amazed by how many translations the rules had. He was awestruck in the tour, talking to himself so much about how beautiful everything was. Freedonia was a nostalgic trip for him from his days of 0.8 MCPE. The server itself is also his dream. Scar was a member of the Rusherpocalypse but it was merely out of curiosity rather than a desire for an anarchy server. Scar is proud MinecraftOnline gets to hold the title of the oldest server. With so much history, and lots to explore, to the welcoming members, to the anti-grief, it is how Scar would imagine his idealized server.

His Love For The Server

ScarClaw72 fell in love with server when he first realized how much it fit into his personal idealized dream server. The open community, and peaceful design but freedom everywhere really got to him. He hopes to one day contribute in an epic build, but is looking to still meet others in the land of Freedonia.


ScarClaw72 has been Youtubing since November 2014, and although isn't a very large YouTuber, has experience in the field of video making. He usually edits with Powerdirector 13, and records Minecraft via the Windows 10 Gamebar or OBS. Other than minecraft videos, he does minecraft animations on occasion, and various other things.

He started making a SMP series the first day he found the server. The playlist of Freedonia videos can be found here.

His channel can be found here.

A Builder

One thing ScarClaw72 prides himself slightly in is his building skills. He is really good with medieval, and especially loves making temples that involve intricate redstone contraptions and puzzles. Other than that he also is very well with modern interior, and is between an intermediate and advance level with redstone. Although he does not like always doing large projects himself, he does love pitching in to group efforts to help out other's with their works.

A portfolio of various builds ScarClaw72 has made can be found here.

Outside Minecraft

Beyond an endless love for Minecraft, ScarClaw72 enjoyed playing various games such as Fallout, Halo, and Team Fortress 2. He spends time doing small animations in blender as well. ScarClaw72 also draws art from now and again, which can be found on his deviant art page. His artwork features mostly anthropomorphic animals, but branches to other things rarely. ScarClaw72 is also extremely geeky in the sense that he loves Larping and is part of a local group that grew out of a highschool club know as the LARP Legion. Among all of this ScarClaw72 is also a member of what is known as Furry Fandom, and has a second YouTube channel for things related to that nature called ScarTheFur. He also has attended GLFC (Great Lakes Fur Con) 2016.

Notable Facts

  ScarClaw72 was the primary founder for Project_MOON
  ScarClaw72 once traded an enderchest for 4 stacks of dirt because he was too lazy to go dig it
  ScarClaw72 tends to be clumsy and dies a lot during precarious construction projects
  ScarClaw72 was a leader in building the Freedonia Anniversary BirthdayCake
  ScarClaw72 makes videos and animations on Freedonia
  ScarClaw72 is known for his terrible jokes
  ScarClaw72 is the only known Furry to join MinecraftOnline

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