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User ScarClaw72


Known as Scar
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 25 2 2000
Occupation None (Yet)
In Freedonia
First joined 2 July 2016
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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Favorite quotes of all time
"what a banhammer?" Rachupranger
"Can I eat a moderator" discospieler
"no grifing i am russian bich!" Tjh5
"its not my fault that i dont read the rules" Immaarrc
"Scar? Iz ok I eat newbie?" witchy1000
"plz be delicate with my noobish body" Willis_Pandock
"Scar's christmas video made me miss playing on MCO XD" Zomon333
"in soviet russia, griefer ban yyou" -{ snakyman
"Im not trying to grief anyone with the intent of destroying their stuff" MyNmeIsDario
"Give resources administrator please." sh3lmar
"can you give me owner??" r0b0m4n


His Projects

Builds I own or have made contributions to.
The Freedonia Anniversary BirthdayCake
The Lunar Vault Project MOON
The Helping Hand TheHelpingHand
NHCity NHCity
Cosmic City CosmicCity
Salama City SalamaCity
Spring City Spring_City
Exfay Exfay
Russianpocolypse Russianpocolypse
NHS Nether_Highway_System
The Sol Tunnels The Sol Tunnels

A New Face For Freedonia

ScarClaw72 First joined Freedonia July 2nd, 2016 at 4:29 PM EST. He discovered the server from a goal to find the oldest Minecraft server in existence. Warmly welcomed, Scar walked down the rules hall, amazed by how many translations the rules had. He was awestruck in the tour, talking to himself so much about how beautiful everything was. Freedonia was a nostalgic trip for him from his days of 0.8 MCPE. The server itself is also his dream. Scar was a member of the Rusherpocalypse but it was merely out of curiosity rather than a desire for an anarchy server. Scar is proud MinecraftOnline gets to hold the title of the oldest server. With so much history and lots to explore, to the welcoming members, to the anti-grief, it is how Scar would imagine his idealized server.

Discovering "The Land Feud" of The Lunar Vault.
Scar's home in Cosmic City.

His Love For The Server

ScarClaw72 fell in love with the server when he first realized how much it fit into his personal idealized dream server. The open community, and peaceful design but freedom everywhere really got to him. He hopes to one day contribute in an epic build but is looking to still meet others in the land of Freedonia.


ScarClaw72 has been Youtubing since November 2014, and although isn't a very large YouTuber, has experience in the field of video making. He usually edits with PowerDirector 13 and records Minecraft via the Windows 10 Gamebar or OBS. Other than Minecraft videos, he does Minecraft animations on occasion and various other things.

He started making an SMP series the first day he found the server. The playlist of Freedonia videos can be found here.

His channel can be found here.

A Builder

One thing ScarClaw72 prides himself slightly in is his building skills. He is really good with medieval and especially loves making temples that involve intricate redstone contraptions and puzzles. Other than that he also is very well with modern interior, and is between an intermediate and advanced level with redstone. Although he does not like always doing large projects himself, he does love pitching into group efforts to help out others with their works.

A portfolio of various builds ScarClaw72 has made outside Freedonia can be found here.

Outside Minecraft

Beyond an endless love for Minecraft, ScarClaw72 enjoyed playing various games such as Fallout, Halo, and Team Fortress 2. He spends time doing small animations in Blender as well. ScarClaw72 also draws art from now and again, which can be found on his deviant art page. His artwork features mostly anthropomorphic animals, but branches to other things rarely. ScarClaw72 is also extremely geeky in the sense that he loves Larping and is part of a local group that grew out of a high school club know as the LARP Legion. Among all of this ScarClaw72 is also a member of what is known as Furry Fandom, and has a second YouTube channel for things related to that nature called ScarTheFur. He also has attended GLFC (Great Lakes Fur Con) 2016.

Server Pranks

Whenever ScarClaw72 gets bored, he occasionally causes some shenanigans. Here is the list of such events.

August 17th, 2017 - The First Squid Heist ScarClaw72 with the assistance and inspiration of Zomon333 took the squid from spawn and carried it south. It was caged and kept by the The Monument until August 20th, when Anna_28 returned Birthday Squid to the spawn lake.

August 17th, 2017 - The Boating of Spawn ScarClaw72 was bored to hell and decided to spam boats all over the lake at spawn. It lasted less than a day, when ScarClaw72 woke up the next morning to find all the boats missing. But he says it still was fun while it lasted.

August 20th, 2017 - The Second Squid Heist ScarClaw72 gave a big sigh when the spawn squid, as well as its cage, disappeared from spawn. Anna_28 admitted to returning it. She renamed it Julia and said don't do it again for poor Julia's sake. Well, less than an hour after "Julia" was reported missing. When Anna_28 got online, she immediately questioned ScarClaw72. After hiding for about half hour, he finally gave in and gave up the location. Anna_28 was kind though and let Scar keep a clone of the squid, renamed "Spawn Squid". With a squid now in his possession, not only is ScarClaw72 happy, he no longer plans future squid heists. This, however, does not mean he is done with his pranks.

April 8th, 2018 - Thundering Eardrums

Ever since his first visit to Forestberg, ScarClaw72 has often visited The Pointless Button to cause some mayhem into the ears of new players who keep their volume up loud. Thunder when struck anywhere in the server is heard by everyone. Most cases this is caused by natural reasons, or donors/admins who are having some fun. Today was just one of the occasions. The first time was documented in his Exploring Freedonia Trolling video

Notable Facts

  ScarClaw72 was the primary founder for Project_MOON
  ScarClaw72 once traded an ender chest for 4 stacks of dirt because he was too lazy to go dig it
  ScarClaw72 tends to be clumsy and dies a lot from falling during precarious construction projects
  ScarClaw72 was a leader in building the Freedonia Anniversary BirthdayCake
  ScarClaw72 makes videos and animations on Freedonia
  ScarClaw72 built an entire replica of Winterthorn in single player just so he could use it at a setting for his animations
  ScarClaw72 is known for his terrible jokes, specifically puns
  ScarClaw72 is one of the only few known Furries to join MinecraftOnline
  ScarClaw72 hates peoples specifically like Dethsh0k, api448 and Billshields
  ScarClaw72 leads TheLunarGames
Scar's home in NHCity.
Scar's Banhammer. ScarClaw72's first spawn squid heist, assisted by Zomon333 ScarClaw72, Distase, and KevinGriffioen find a hilarious noob house plopped in the middle of spawn.
Staring down Scar's hall of misfortunate souls.
Scar's interrogation room located inside his banhammer at Banhammer_Island. No one except Scar is sure how people are hit by his hammer when they are inside the damn physical thing, but he has officially named it Banception.
A small platform near spawn Scar made over a course of boredom. ScarClaw72's house built in Exfay.
The common house of Exfay built by ScarClaw72

Recieving His Donor Ranks


ScarClaw72 just donated £35.00 for the gold kit!
ethanplayz106: just wanted to talk about it, and this is what happened
not_what: nice scar


ScarClaw72 just donated £22.00 to upgrade from the gold kit to the diamond kit!
ScarClaw72: :O


ScarClaw72 just donated £45.00 to upgrade from the diamond kit to the obsidian kit!
Slime_tiger: nice
ScarClaw72: :O
ScarClaw72: BOWBY
ScarClaw72: That wasnt me
Joshlong56; Really?
ScarClaw72: Who gave me such a gift
NHC_THK: Congret
_deckard: whoa
ScarClaw72: Bowby?!?! Was dat you??
_deckard: nice
Joshlong56> Noice
<Telegram><B0WBY>: You Welcome
ScarClaw72: :O
<Telegram><B0WBY>: As Thank you for the intro
_deckard: good day to be Scar
ScarClaw72 bro-hugs Bowby
ScarClaw72: Boi :O

Becoming a Mod

Surprised on Thursday, July 13th, 2017, ScarClaw72, TheCubester, and Chewy27_ we promoted to mod. Scar initially thought it was a joke, but later realized it was really happening.

Chat Logs

(Chewy27_ becomes a mod)
TurtleCobra: what happened to Chewy27_
maxercrafter: CONGRATS CHEWY
ScarClaw72: Chewy :O
Chewy27_: where is my stars?
ScarClaw72: Your a mod now?
maxercrafter: hes a mod now
Bloodybather: congras
(ScarClaw72 becomes a mod)
ScarClaw72: Wait what
(TheCubester becomes a mod)
TheCubester: WHOA WHAT
ScarClaw72: What just happened O_O
sicroto: wait whaaaa
TurtleCobra: HOLY SHIT ScarClaw72
witchy1000: Chewy! Gratz!
maxercrafter: woooooah
ScarClaw72: WHAAAAA
Bloodybather: lol
TheCubester: WHATTTT
Anna_28: silly star went missing with chewy
maxercrafter: congrats guys


(From actual in game or skype conversations)

Mr_Fudgy: The notch apple is the only thing that saved me from Deth's 1 hit kill sword. Its the only reason I lived when you said "Oh shit it's deth, run!"
Dethsh0k joined the game
ScarClaw72: Oh shit it's deth run!

Masterplayer203: hi guys!!
Mr_Fudgy: Hoi :3
ScarClaw72: Hi Master!
Mr_Fudgy: Scar you might not want to call him that
ScarClaw72: O////O FEUDGY Your dirty mind

ScarClaw72: Sic is like a nightlight, its easier to sleep when he is turned on and nearby
Wulf_359: rofl
witchy1000: Scar ya mean like tied up in your closet?
Wulf_359: scar, that was funny dood

(Days after the Russian youtuber Mauzer played on the server)
aggrievedCanine: we had the rusherpocalypse, now it's the russiapocalypse
ScarClaw72: You know why the call him slowriot?
macfullarton: because he riots slowly?
ScarClaw72: No because if he was FastRiot, he'd be Russian too much

ScarClaw72:Do you know the rules?
Pyrif: i guess so
ScarClaw72: Pyrif
ScarClaw72: You do? Then why grief the torches in that home?
Pyrif: `cause i`m stupid ; - ;

ScarClaw72: Why did you grief?
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Search your feelings Jefafa
DiJowYT: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
DiJowYT was hit with the banhammer! (21570 bans)
ScarClaw72:How is that for no

ScarClaw72:This is your third warning
galazeek: please
galazeek:it wasnt me
galazeek:i wanted to test you anti cheat
galazeek:good job
galazeek:you pass
galazeek:now let me go
Jibletz: cool story dumbass
ScarClaw72: LOL
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek was hit by the banhammer!

Turn_Off: i quit, i' m lagging too much. See you later :D
MinecraftKing007: cya Turn_Off
Turn_Off left the game
ScarClaw72: I guess the lag is a real Turn_Off huh? *rim shot*
K4ik0_: yes it is
BenjaminBsuper: OMG Don't do that ever again ScarClaw XD
ScarClaw72: XD

ScarClaw72: Well to be fair the block lag doesnt affect all blocks, did you know that?
ScarClaw72: It doesnt affecte bedrock :P
YRNculture: bruhhh xD
Lancer_II: wow scar...
ScarClaw72: XD
Lancer_II: just wow...

I_BlakeBL_I: i am Russian
ScarClaw72: Do you know the rules?
I_BlakeBL_I: i've got no rules bitch
ScarClaw72: You broke a glass block and a torch
Slime_tiger: LOL
ScarClaw72: LOL
turtlecatXD: LOL
I_BlakeBL_I: i was a bad boy
xOpWarriorx: I recommend bleach

KL-E-0: Ramen is your friend
Hackaloken: buy it in bulk tho
ScarClaw72: Ramen noods?
Slime_tiger: LOL
Slime_tiger: ramen noods
ScarClaw72: Slime
Slime_tiger: scar
TurtleCobra: ramen nudes?
TurtleCobra: wtf
ScarClaw72: Are you trying to get noods out of Ramen? :O

ScarClaw72: Are you going to grief if I let you go? Yes or no?
domcicisk: yes
Witchy1000: lmao
ScarClaw72 Then you realize I have to ban you to protect the server?
domcicisk: noooooooo please
ScarClaw72:Then are you going to grief?
ScarClaw72:Yes means I have to ban you
ScarClaw72:So Dom? Yes or No?
ScarClaw72: ok
domcicisk was hit with the banhammer! (23090 bans)

F4K_Tibi_Ezz: Why did you grief?
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: I am retard
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: Very retard
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: please open
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: i am idiot

Maxplays4285: who r u
ScarClaw72: A moderator
ScarClaw72: Did you read the rules?
Maxplays4285: can u op me
Maxplays4285: ye
ScarClaw72: What I told you there was no op
Maxplays4285: right
alxxja: can i gamemode 1?
Maxplays4285: but can u give me gamemode 1
ScarClaw72: No
Maxplays4285: aww
alxxja: fak u
ScarClaw72: I am not opped
Maxplays4285: i thought u moderatot
ScarClaw72: Im not opped. Admins are not opped. No one is opped. There is no op
Maxplays4285: did u make this server

ScarClaw72: Why were you griefing?
FactionsClown: cause i was having fun
FactionsClown: wanna have fun with me??
ScarClaw72: By vandalising? Ill pass
FactionsClown: its fun
FactionsClown: you should try
FactionsClown: come one m8
FactionsClown: its great
FactionsClown: sooths tthe soul
ScarClaw72: Nah Im good
FactionsClown: makes you feel amazing
FactionsClownk: man
FactionsClown: its too great


When ScarClaw72 was first made a mod, it was right after the start of the Coming o' The Cryllics. Being the most active besides Distase during this event, ScarClaw72 was very busy and banned a total of 100 people in his first 10 days of playing, and 20 in a single day shortly after. He doesn't know how to feel about it, but it has earned him the nickname "Spammer of le Hammer".

A comprehensive list of my bans

7-14-2017 sexmegrandpa
7-15-2017 Mentatstrategy
7-16-2017 xHearthes
7-16-2017 Daniel_Reker
7-16-2017 xXBrennaXX
7-16-2017 KyKyGrief
7-16-2017 Hugh_Gee
7-16-2017 ItsMax_
7-16-2017 vovan9coolgamer
7-16-2017 LukeGraphics
7-17-2017 Birman
7-17-2017 Haevin
7-17-2017 _DeluxeEdition
7-18-2017 Zendan
7-18-2017 fazer_1990
7-19-2017 ganjagater
7-19-2017 Silverx91
7-19-2017 Red_Sushi
7-20-2017 Beast1117
7-20-2017 BongGaming
7-20-2017 jeffberg92
7-20-2017 _Fraggy_
7-20-2017 Gleb_Kolonin
7-20-2017 Agero001
7-20-2017 ImBendY
7-20-2017 MiFix
7-20-2017 MelonAF
7-20-2017 boiker
7-20-2017 Tanktamer145
7-20-2017 MiFix_001
7-20-2017 IvanushkaBIT
7-20-2017 MurdocGrey
7-20-2017 RomanPopov
7-20-2017 KapitaN_DJAKE_YT
7-20-2017 dimasik275
7-21-2017 cooladfade9
7-21-2017 FulingBro
7-21-2017 _HappyBear_
7-21-2017 xPeetey
7-21-2017 Rootering
7-21-2017 MKoutS
7-21-2017 TheMadboy66
7-21-2017 hackgg
7-21-2017 cheatgg
7-21-2017 Ardrass
7-21-2017 superstick15
7-21-2017 Daamo
7-21-2017 SEBGER
7-21-2017 Moritz243
7-21-2017 AgreSSor_YT
7-21-2017 wizzi96
7-21-2017 Bored_Author
7-21-2017 TheLolSe
7-21-2017 pepex1234
7-21-2017 ItsRexz
7-21-2017 IceCreamV2
7-21-2017 XxPapichuloxX
7-21-2017 Zikki32
7-21-2017 Daniil3363
7-22-2017 Zouct
7-22-2017 JuvenileLynx170
7-22-2017 Andrjack
7-22-2017 LopicTropic
7-22-2017 Gibson335
7-22-2017 KUBAPLAY
7-22-2017 Squiblite
7-22-2017 Mexxpoint
7-23-2017 Kaereak
7-23-2017 CrispJoker
7-23-2017 ImPornographist
7-23-2017 Ikaruz
7-23-2017 ping0527
7-23-2017 OlegHJ
7-23-2017 The__Camera
7-23-2017 Simppaneen
7-23-2017 taintscraper
7-23-2017 NavalnyAlexey
7-23-2017 Lazerneek123
7-23-2017 Madmansam
7-23-2017 Backsatp4ik
7-23-2017 GrubaBerta
7-23-2017 _ItzStevePvP_
7-23-2017 Oakleysworld
7-23-2017 __Creeper0n__
7-23-2017 DirtyMemes
7-23-2017 Sylvan_Hunter
7-23-2017 EHOT_777
7-23-2017 OlgierDOS1011
7-23-2017 Mickindor
7-23-2017 __Calim__
7-24-2017 Player1A78
7-24-2017 WIZ_BANG_
7-24-2017 FinnDaPidor
7-24-2017 littlett242
7-24-2017 ISIS2TheMeltdown
7-24-2017 ConmanT
7-24-2017 SenrioN
7-24-2017 ThePlumpPig96
7-24-2017 mario139_2525
7-26-2017 smith0844
7-26-2017 JaiPixel
7-26-2017 xTripexCekcu
7-26-2017 Pasta23774
7-26-2017 jkwok
7-26-2017 the_next_jordan
7-26-2017 TwistofFate
7-26-2017 lassi
7-26-2017 DiJowYT
7-26-2017 VladNoskov19
7-26-2017 RoloNiD
7-26-2017 CyRuS_Zilat
7-26-2017 Branimir
7-26-2017 Bloody_Hare
7-26-2017 Tenurial_
7-26-2017 dudeis2kool
7-26-2017 HuskyGoNOMNOM
7-26-2017 X_MLG_DJTASTY_X
7-26-2017 Dshoe10
7-27-2017 BeCurios45
7-29-2017 galazeek
8-02-2017 Ricca_In_Game
8-03-2017 DvOyKa
8-03-2017 AwesomeMark34
8-03-2017 Razboy
8-03-2017 YesEyebrow
8-04-2017 ultimate6173
8-04-2017 ThatOneKId4
8-04-2017 JLJ_Louie
8-04-2017 rebityr
8-06-2017 danimaker_YT
8-07-2017 Westown26
8-07-2017 GowiZzus
8-09-2017 Sq33d
8-09-2017 NeatFlack
8-17-2017 Darkfangal
8-22-2017 IchKlauePCs
8-22-2017 Shawn22Moore
8-23-2017 Bxstyyy
8-23-2017 vBwrs
8-23-2017 fritzderwitz
8-23-2017 NewsFromGondor
8-23-2017 BriZX
8-23-2017 avidTheSKID1984
8-23-2017 Captainxyz321
8-24-2017 iAmDark
8-24-2017 CraigTyzor
8-25-2017 Berkan_6767
8-27-2017 Ilham2281337
8-28-2017 MrSnowFoxy
8-28-2017 BatArme
8-28-2017 ImMattLmao
8-28-2017 Vcplatine
8-29-2017 Cragnore
8-29-2017 StardustHaya
8-29-2017 yilmazkoker
8-29-2017 Mr_Fistie
9-01-2017 jiberish75
9-01-2017 Cherry_San
9-02-2017 pooptoottooppoot
9-07-2017 _LegendMark17_
11-04-2017 quazabacon
11-16-2017 deadloxdylan
11-16-2017 MikiBokiHD
11-17-2017 hypercookie123
11-20-2017 redas_cz
11-21-2017 TastyManCZ
11-21-2017 _Wenut_
11-21-2017 ItsAydanX
11-21-2017 fica08
11-26-2017 TacosGame
11-26-2017 SpeeDy_SK
11-26-2017 DeStReemHamsteR
11-27-2017 VorVorton_CZ_LP_
11-29-2017 BeanYuii_
11-29-2017 Lerex_CZE
11-29-2017 domcicisk
12-02-2017 papo2006
12-02-2017 dnarinski
12-03-2017 xItsBenko
12-03-2017 viktorex555
12-03-2017 VitGamerYT
12-03-2017 SpajkyCze
12-03-2017 TheHeroicPotato
12-03-2017 Pro_SMIT
12-22-2017 NotVapeNation
12-23-2017 IbaMiszko
12-25-2017 howtoreach
12-25-2017 Ezz_Norby_PwP
12-26-2017 Z0mbrainiac
12-26-2017 honza0505
12-26-2017 HUUBA
12-27-2017 AuRa_Arnie_RkT
12-27-2017 SlovakIsAwesome
12-27-2017 funnyplaycz
12-27-2017 EgorShadows
12-28-2017 Sat16_MarceKarsa
12-29-2017 alexos4
12-29-2017 659_4k

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