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User stromhurst
Gender Male
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Nationality Pakistan
DOB 12 02
Occupation Electrical Engineer
In Freedonia
First joined 31 March 2011
First building Small dirt tree cottage on Stromisle
Staff member Admin
Donor level ***** Aether
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Stromhurst is the owner of StromIsle.

Stromhurst has allowed many people to build in stromisle, his prized island, these people include: Comixnik (first person), MLordRichM, FlyingJellyfish, yannick19956, samoroth, Messick101, bubba_basti, Enjoku, nosefish, thesprazzler (Still being built).

Strom loves when people build nice things on his isle. He especially loves keeping the beautiful landscape of his islands, there are rumours that he landscaped most of the valleys on stromisle.

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