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User TheMightyCheeze

Heavily edited skin of Chiv.

Known as Cheeze, TMC, Mighty
Gender Male
Occupation Overly Paranoid Nut
In Freedonia
First joined August 26, 2010
First building The earliest I remember is my cave in Dubstep Plaza.
Donor level *** Iron
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TheMightyCheeze is a three-year long player, who was notorious for going on hiatus often.

Moderately paranoid, still sandboxes his programs on his computer and/or revokes app permissions on his phone.

Often makes hit-or-miss puns. Either they're very funny or they suck.


TheMightyCheeze had a past Lava-Craft, a now-dead community he and ChivalrousWeasel used to go to.

Previously, he had a past of playing Nexon games, along with Runescape.


  • Silence and isolation, but not for too long.
  • Coffee, especially making it. Uses an Aeropress for brewing.
  • Dogs! His favorite breed is the Boston Terrier.
  • Scary games, such as SCP Containment Breach, Slender: The Arrival, and Cry of Fear.
  • Encryption


  • Hot weather and high humidity.
  • Short lists.

Favorable Quotes TheMightyCheeze: It ain't easy being cheesey. TheMightyCheeze: eww can't believe I said that
* TheMightyCheeze cries in a corner

(On a conversation about learning braille) FlyingJellyfish: braille graffiti in the bathroom stalls. TheMightyCheeze: Yes - Feel it while you take a shit.

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