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User Unkle_Genny

A freaky little skin I made for myself in like 7th grade

Known as Unkle Genny, Unkle, Genny
Gender Cock & Balls
Location Winter Wasteland of O-H-I-O
Nationality Gun-toting, lettuce-smoking, red-blooded American
DOB 01 October 2001
Occupation Almighty Host God
In Freedonia
First joined 30 January 2019
First building The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub
Staff member Moderator
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About Him

Unkle_Genny is an avid explorer and builder, whose primary residency is The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub, located near the southeastern Spawn wall. Rumor has it he also has a secret mountain base somewhere far southeast of Spawn, invisible even on the server's /map feature.

Unkle_Genny was promoted to moderator on June 4th, 2019.

What He Likes

  • Building
  • Exploring
  • Making deals with other players for resources and tools
  • Finding unprotected chests full of useful building materials
  • Alpha & Beta Terrain and Caves
  • All of the neat commands and plugins the server has
  • Redstone projects
  • CraftBook
  • Head collecting

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