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User Zakaron27

It changes so often

Known as Zak
Gender Male
Location Baltimore, MD, USA
Nationality Russian
DOB 19 08 1996
Occupation Spy
In Freedonia
First joined July 25, 2011
First building A small house in NewAtlanta
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Zakaron27 is a hyperactive crazy spirit who often finds himself on the brink of death too many times. Nowadays he travels semi nomadic-ally to find a suitable home. On for a few months straight then disappearing for a year, Zak can sometimes qualify as a rare spotting once school picks up that year. Avid Pokemon fan.

His best friend on the server is Haifisch. You can usually find them working together or PvP-ing on their Island home.

(Hits himself and Haifisch with potion of poison)

'Relax Haif, you wont die.' - Zakaron27 'Yeah but you might' - Haifisch

'Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiirs' Zakaron27

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