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This is a meme page made in late 2019. I'd love for you to take it with a grain of salt and please, if you want actual info on getplayerhead.sh?_WizardDev_&16.png _WizardDev_ visit his page on the wiki. Thank you.


hello, i am a newbie to MCO. I joined in September 2019 after remembering a server from a FitMC video i saw. This server seems special from what i have seen so far, and I'd love to play more but rip im addicted to terraria anyway enjoy the rest of this page

important people

snakyman is a very gay individual. (also he is only here because i hate him to death)

Vinyl is a good collector

Emerald is one of the best architects i know

KingBlue42 supported me once and i wont forget him

Bloo_Noodle is nice for appealing to a newbie like me

Kiatarie sold me an ench book once. thanks man.

Raflamar is a good historian.

Eclypto is a good je- i mean town owner.

mSup is a nice friend, quite benevolent too.

if i forgot anyone pls notify me on disc

also unkle have fun with that plug it should be pretty b good for you

oh yeah i forgot to mention unkle is a nice person

btw did anybody remember when i made new eden's members fight snaky

we fucked him up guys good job

anyway thats it

i hope you enjoyed this journey down gay lane

now for more bullshit incoming in the future

Bullshit in the future

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