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green_complexes.png Freezer
2022-11-06 18.34.19.png


Owner eevee_27
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes (/tpto)
Completed 06 November 2022
Size north to south 15m
Size west to east 25m
Height 4m
Coordinates X=-12042
Dimension Overworld
Map link

A counterpart of the red hot Sauna.

<Context: Fraccu invites doublehelix457 to Sauna but goes wrong>

< AthenaDaMemelord> i am nuking sauna, no one will ever be warm again
< eevee_27> make warp fridge?
< Luigifan100> warp freezer
< AthenaDaMemelord> warp air conditioned room
< Luigifan100> The area is filled with snow golems, ice and snow
< eevee_27> hey, speaking of, why aren't there Fridge? i could make that
< doublehelix457> what about /warp freezer
< eevee_27> keep that word, helix

Freezer was made as a "joke" to create a counterpart of Sauna, the most well-known warp to take a deep-fried dip. Why couldn't there be a freezing chill warp? rhyzofan's conclusion was to make it a reality. Despite /goto being only available for all players during the MCO 12th Anniversary, he still decided to do it since the staff has access to it, and for the sake of him loving the winter season and Glaceon.

The build is located under Snow Cube, and can be accessed with alias /tpto eevee_27 freezer.