MinecraftOnline's donation system enables you to save time in-game. By donating, you can obtain both commonly used and rare materials, item repairs, novelty hats, and even access to special kits and commands. Moreover, you can be content in the knowledge that every donation goes towards supporting and improving the server, giving everyone better in-game performance!

What kits and options are available?

Enter your minecraft username below and press Search to see what kits and materials are available!

Why donate?

MinecraftOnline is primarily a volunteer-run organisation. It is our friendly and helpful community that keeps the server running smoothly. If you would like to help the server in a more physical way, why not choose from one of the donation packages below!

All donations contribute to server improvement, either through hardware improvements, connectivity upgrades, software development costs and programmer time, and the time and expenses incurred in administrating the hardware.

We want to show you our gratitude and recognition for your support, so no donation goes unrewarded!

What you get: