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09:27:53 <&9&e***&fStrangeOne101&f> Savs
09:28:03 <&9&e***&fStrangeOne101&f> I like them cold lol
09:28:23 <&c&fgreeter&f> Draco: Done, it's what i wanted to do, but i felt it might be too expesive
09:28:49 <&1&b*****&cAnna_28&f> wanted me to add the other person greeter?
09:29:03 <&2&7&e*****&bDraco297&f> make sure u sell for a price that u dont get ripped off
09:29:07 <&c&fgreeter&f> yes please Anna
09:29:26 <&c&fgreeter&f> Draco297: what i'm trying to do, being new it's hard to gauge that though
09:29:36 <&2&7&e*****&bDraco297&f> isnt lapis almost as hard to find as diamond
09:29:54 <&c&fgreeter&f> it's about as rare, but with a regular pick yields more gems
09:29:56 <&9&e***&fStrangeOne101&f> Theres more of it though

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Getting around the massive world of Freedonia is made easy by a system of warps. Type /listwarps in the game to see the full list. Warps are also shown on the map, under the markers option. To use one, simply type /warp [name].

The current warps, as generated from the server config, are:

Live Map

There is a live, zoomable, textured map of Freedonia, updated in near real time (around a five or ten minute delay, depending on player activity), using the Google Maps API. Both day and night modes are available, and it's possible to share links to individual locations. Warps and player homes are also shown. Dynamic lighting is calculated, and biome colours are extracted from the client data for the map. Try it now!

Below are a few snapshots from random map locations. These change each time this page is refreshed.