Talon company mercinaries

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Organisations Talon Company Mercinaries (TCM)
Leadership getplayerhead.sh?metseven3&16.png metseven3
Headquarters Battlefield
Public? No

Talon company mercenaries (TCM for short) Is a PvP guild, A hitman service, A building company and an army.



Current operations

  • Protecting the little town of Kurai cho for getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzler&16.png thesprazzler.
  • Siege getplayerhead.sh?sir_fred999&16.png sir_fred999's little floating piece of dirt for involuntary PvP against the leader

KCA (Kurai Cho Army)

There have been suggestions of connection with the Kurai Cho Army. It has been conjectured that because of TCM's reputation and behaviour, it is unlikely that Talon company is actually behind The KCA army.

Members are given a choice: get shipped off to TCM to join the KCA, Or stay in talon, Loot, kill etc.

Possible enemies

  • getplayerhead.sh?spudinski&16.png spudinski ( For betraying the leader of TCM, And the theft of 18 diamonds )
  • getplayerhead.sh?miggi&16.png miggi ( Former KCA member, Went rogue after making threats to Kurai cho Guests )
  • getplayerhead.sh?minecraftfc&16.png minecraftfc (Supposedly was associated with Spudinski when He stole metseven3's diamonds

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