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Live Map screenshot of central Freedonia, showing player faces as markers for saved home locations as of 26 April 2011.
Map screenshot showing the distribution of homes around Freedonia on 18 Jan 2012.
DrumCity, one of the best known cities in Freedonia.
Maze based on the maze in the Shining, one of the most recognisable features in Freedonia.
Clubhouse is one of Freedonia's longest-standing megaprojects.
Interior of Cathedral
Central Nexus of Project Anubis, with Project Angel in the background.

Freedonia is the name of the world hosted on the server.


What makes it special

This world has multiple distinguishing characteristics which mark it out from the majority of online worlds:

  • Freedonia was created within an hour of Notch releasing the Minecraft survival multiplayer server for public use, and has persisted since. It is thus believed to be the oldest online public world of any Minecraft server.
  • Freedonia is rather large - 12GB at the time of writing, spanning a diameter of approximately 36km (36,000 in-game blocks).
    • The nether and end are 230MB and 223MB big, respectively.
  • Freedonia has been visited by over 200,000 unique players as of 2018.

Exploring Freedonia


New arrivals and respawning players are introduced to the world via Spawn and the Freedonia Visitor Centre, which is also the primary social area of the world.


Browsing the map is an excellent way to get to know Freedonia - many megaprojects are clearly visible due to their scale, and it is possible to get a good understanding of the overall geographical layout and road connections throughout the world by exploring the map.


Warps are also shown on the map as orange markers, and can be listed with the /listwarps command. Each warp is a famous place of some note, and is worth seeing as part of getting to know Freedonia. Each warp can be teleported to with the /warp command.


Project Anubis is currently under construction. When complete, it will replace warps as the primary method of long-distance travel in Freedonia. See the project's page for details of layout and use.

Railway System

The Freedonia Railway System has service across large areas of the map. Several server attractions and settlements have direct rail service from spawn.

Boat Routes

A growing number of destinations are also accessible from the water. Following the marked Boat Routes is a great way to get to know the world and a good starting point for your own exploration.

The Nether

Nether Portals are placed strategically around settlements connecting cities via The Nether. Near the spawn portal, there is also access to the Nether Highway System, which is still expanding.

This wiki

This wiki is a repository for information about notable buildings, locations and organisations in Freedonia. The following categories are worth exploring:

All players are invited to contribute details of their own constructions to the wiki!


For a comprehensive history of major events in Freedonia, see the Timeline page.


  • Freedonia was generated by admin runechan, who was the first to enter it, and gave the created world her seal of approval.
  • Because the world was generated shortly after the release of SMP and large areas were explored in the early days, there are some things missing in the older parts of the map. For example there are no natural lapis lazuli ores, villages, witch huts, or emeralds near any of the older warps, because they were not yet implemented at the time of creation. (There is a village at spawn but that was created by a player)
  • Due to the popularity of Freedonia, MinecraftOnline has inspired several Clone Servers throughout its history.

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