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Organisations TheNerdWorks
Headquarters Unknown

We will now introduce our main group:

File:Jjroome.png jjroome

A cross between E.T and a dinosaur this mutation has since inherited the name James. He likes long walks in the park and wishes to meet a freedonian that can accept his differences and move onto a new beginning where he can live in peace. His throne is that of cobble, he built the great lighthouse that watches over all of JannerVille.

Our settlements currently include Old JannerVille, near goat town, and JannerVille, whilst also having built many sub settlements around that area, the most notable of which being Toytown and Last Stand, we are also responsable for the Jannerville Stadium which will play host to a number of large server wide events, such as capture the flag and team deathmatch, it is also currently one of the largest stadium on the server.

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