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User mSup


Known as Umbreon
Gender Male
Location Germany
Nationality German..?
DOB Nobody knows, please don't ask
Occupation Nerd
In Freedonia
First joined March 7th, 2019 with Username IBrokeMyArm
First building Small oak house
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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Umbreon once wondered what the oldest server in Minecraft was, and that's the simple way he discovered MinecraftOnline. However, he didn't plan to stay, only visiting once in March. He returned in September, trying to find a survival server with a style just like here. Since Umbreon didn't spawn in the rules hallway when returning, he griefed a wool block and got a warning since he had forgotten the rules. He was later known for his appreciation and contributing to New Eden.

My MinecraftOnline Friends / Players I like Eclypto18 Void42_ WaffleNomster TheGolum MrSlimeDiamond snthetic Raflamar witchy1000 ickyacky Darkerfly2000(Is a dick) LewisD95(Is a vag) DarthSagit Zomon333 Dread_Nova XtraSteve Freskooo tyhdefu doublehelix457 bastetfurry ratrun (Formerly known as walteratt) Netrom5 SlowRiot XEmeraldGamingX aggrievedCanine ScarClaw72 Liam_Starcraft Hyperrblu verydairyman snakyman andrewSW764 TheDarkrai85, TheDemetri

Facts about him

  • For those who didn't know: mSup is just a placeholder name, he prefers being called Umbreon :)
  • Umbreon is active on the wiki and corrects typos / grammar.
  • He dislikes moon fans, although he likes banning them and replacing their torches.
  • Likes Half-AFKing (Doing his IRL stuff while still keeping an eye out for important messages in chat.)
  • Always secretly votes with other players' names to get their fun reactions.
  • Umbreon hit +100 total reputation on June 28th, which is an achievement, I guess. Jokes aside, thanks everyone :) (EDIT: After writing this, my reputation dropped down to 95. Writing this was a mistake.)
  • He is known for taking some things too literally.
  • Eclypto18 invited him to join New Eden shortly after he visited MinecraftOnline for the second time.
  • Really likes the magic of the MCO wiki, where pages suddenly get edited shortly after he reads them.
  • Umbreon became a staff member of New Eden on September 20th, 2019.
  • Got promoted to server moderator on January 2nd, 2020 as the new youngest moderator at that time.


On January 2nd, 2020, Umbreon was promoted to Moderator out of nowhere by WaffleNomster after having lost hope for months. Below is a small chat snipplet of how it went.

< mSup> Laterz, peeps :)  
mSup left the game.
[DSC] <mSup> !goodnight
[DSC] <mSup> ahahah
< TheDemetri> msup get back here
mSup joined the game.
< mSup> comin' eclypto :
< Eclypto18> One sec msup :) Just fixing some grief
< mSup> Oh, damn...
< WaffleNomster> Fucking love the smell of fresh blue
< mSup> shit
< TheDemetri> I smell a blue storm brewing
< Eclypto18> NOt enough blue
< mSup> ;-;
< Eclypto18> we need more
< Eclypto18> MORE
< TheDemetri> MOAAAAAR
< mSup> yo
< WaffleNomster> :P
< Eclypto18> yassssssssss
(mSup turns into a smurf)
< mSup> Umbreon?
< mSup> A suprise for sure but a welcome one
< tindwcel> Congrats mSup
< pizzaboxer> WOAH
< pizzaboxer> congrats msup
< mSup> boop

Afterwards he was trained by Eclypto18.

GReport Invasion

On May 31st 2020, 5 new admins were promoted - Umbreon decided it was his time to shine and he set on a journey which would end roughly 3 weeks later. He started looking through warps, greporting every grief he could find in them. A few days later, the new admins called him out for greporting very old grief which can get annoying quickly, therefore Admin Eclypto18 jokingly started calling old grief logchecks mSuplogs.
After 20 days and 112 greports, most of which were griefed from 2011-2017 and therefore took hours to logcheck, he finished his journey, having greported in every warp there is. He's still curious about how it took so long for somebody to find such obivous grief...

Hitting 1000 Hours

Umbreon hit the 1000 hour mark on June 10th, 2020 while annoying LewisD95. That was a nice timing telling somebody about Lewis's playtime...

< Dr34mCS> LewisD95 why do u have red prefix? 
GencKafa joined the game
< DarthSagit> admin
< mSup> He sucked waffle
< LewisD95> no
< DarthSagit> yes
< LewisD95> okay maybe
< Dr34mCS> hahah Shalowley joined the game
< DarthSagit> :p
mSup has played for over 1000 hours!
< mSup> He had a lot of playtime, good reputation, was a good mod and stuff
< Frederic_Brehain> GG
< Dr34mCS> GG
< le_clasheur_123> GGGG
< mSup> and FRS ofc
< Tronzoid> guys
< Frederic_Brehain> GG MrSoup
< LewisD95> according to waffle I'm the worst mod ever!
< Tronzoid> where is the tree farm?
< mSup> According to me you're the best ;)
< LewisD95> <3
< mSup> <3
< LewisD95> so are you!
< DarthSagit> msup n i c e
< mSup> :D
< mSup> Waaaait
< mSup> did I just completely miss my 1000 hour milestone
< mSup> fuck


Umbreon has some very obscure personalities, the two most notable ones being:

The ego side

- Always wants to be at the top
- Makes memes all day
- Has strong opinions
- Speaks in chat 24/7

The quiet side

- Normally just builds or explores
- Has no interest in interfering with conversations, doesn't talk in chat apart for mod duties
- Always takes over when Umbreon messes up and feels like a piece of dipshit again


Umbreon's Skins

Miscellaneous doublehelix457 dying to his own boots mSup and LewisD95 after swapping skins.

Sitting session at spawn, founded by Umbreon!

100th Render of Umbreon

Floating over a bed with WaffleNomster, just a casual day on MCO.

Amalgamation of mSup, WaffleNomster, TheGolum, pizzaboxer and Void42_.

Spawn fishing with TheGolum at the Christmas spawn!

Built Stuff (WIP)

Pixel Art of Umbreon near Light Blue Nexus 1


Newton Apartments built with XEmeraldGamingX in New Eden.

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