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User mSup

Umbreon, Pokémon #197

Gender Male
Location Germany
Nationality German..?
DOB 15th of December
In Freedonia
First joined March 7th, 2019 with Username IBrokeMyArm
First building mSup's old base
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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mSup once wondered what the oldest server in Minecraft was, and that's the simple way he discovered MinecraftOnline. However, he didn't plan to stay, only visiting once in March. He returned in September, trying to find a survival server with a style just like here. Since mSup didn't spawn in the rules hallway when returning, he griefed a wool block and got a warning since he had forgotten the rules. He was later known for his appreciation and contributing to New Eden.

Players I like Eclypto18 WaffleNomster TheGolum MrSlimeDiamond FlyingJellyfish pizzaboxer Void42_ Raflamar ickyacky tyhdefu doublehelix457 ReverseDmitry bastetfurry watertriber walteratt Netrom5 SlowRiot _WizardDev_ XEmeraldGamingX aggrievedCanine JSodil ScarClaw72 Ascendedblade Liam_Starcraft AyeMockingBird

Shoutout to Hyperrblu who shamefully tried to edit himself on this "Players I Like" list. (I still love you, my son <3 )

Small facts

  • He was living in his own base until Eclypto18 invited him to join New Eden on September 8th, 2019.
  • mSup became a staff member of New Eden on September 20th, 2019.
  • Got promoted to server moderator on January 2nd, 2020.

Hitting 500 Hours

mSup hit 500 hours of playtime on New Year's Eve 2019.

< Blobehh> look up: tcliff
< mSup> i ain't going out
mSup has spent over 500 hours online!
< Beeraeka> gg
< WaffleNomster> AYYY
< ickyacky> gg
< TheGolum> :O
< SaltySackSyd> я не знал што они есть
< snthetic> GG
< Eclypto18> gg
< WaffleNomster> GZ:
< Slime_tiger> gg
< Blobehh> to the highest bidder and when it gets high enough ill say yes
< Unkle_Genny> gg
< TheGolum> GG
< SkyRunnerFR> GG !!!!!
< ickyacky> sell the other qualities
< Dianthiauwu> knockback hoe :o
< Beeraeka> Wow msup you now have more hours than me


mSup's Skins


Floating over a bed with WaffleNomster, just a casual day on MCO.

Amalgamation of mSup, WaffleNomster, TheGolum, pizzaboxer and Void42_.

Spawn fishing with TheGolum ^^

Built Stuff (WIP)

Pixel Art of Umbreon near Light Blue Nexus 1


Newton Apartments built with XEmeraldGamingX in New Eden.

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