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Settlement Airhaven
Founder Reseres
Category Cities
Nexus link? No
Boat link? No
Coordinates X=1954
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Rutopia
Map link

A floating city supported by balloons.

Sadly all went downhill very quickly...
These are the messages picked up in the black box, the day before Airhaven fell.

"It's too late Res. Come on, Kurai Cho is better than this place... We could live there, and-"
"No! Airhaven will rise, and we'll all live together and be happy..."
"Res, I'm just saying it's a bad idea. You know you don't have the hydrogen to keep this place up for more than a week."

<Then there was a pause, and, when the tape was sped up, we came to another bit of conversation.>

"Look at them... All those citizens milling about... We can't leave... We have to stay..."
"Res. We have time to evacuate. We can leave the island- the train line is only a few miles away. This place can't be saved."
"I have to try. I have to. If I don't, then we'll all end up dead pretty soon."

<Another pause.>

"Black box... This is Res here. Airhaven has just decreased in altitude by thirty percent... At the speed we're going, it's going to be a nasty splat on the ground. Wait a second... That balloon... What the-"

<There's a splitting noise, like a million ropes being cut at once.>

<Silence again, then a noise almost five minutes later.>

"RES! GET UP! Airhaven is coming down!"
"Wait, what?!"
"Get up... Come on, get to the Airship. We can still escape from this... Sadly your citizens won't."
"It's fine... My citizens are nothing to me. I'm Res, and I'm a god. I just pray no one ever gets this black box. In fact, I'm going to take it with me."

There's a crumpling noise, like paper being crushed into a ball. Then there's panting, and a pause for five minutes. Wind can be heard, louder than any voice. There are screams.

"Come on Res, onto the airship... There's no time."
"Right, coming..."

The noise is almost inaudible over the wind, then there's a sound like a fridge being closed, and then there's silence once again. It is only broken by clawing noises and agonised moans.

"Please... Please save us... I have children, families to sustain! If you won't take me, take my childr-"

There's a large bang, and then silence. Then screams. Res's voice is heard once again.
"Come on, hurry up! Get me to Kurai Cho!"
There are more bangs, and then the steady hum of a motor can be heard. Then the ship jolts slightly, and the wind can be heard again.

"No! I dropped the bo-"
Then there is the wind, and silence falls a minute or two later.

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