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Organisations Assassin Corp.

Snowy the Snow Golem waits for the holidays at Assassins Fort

Leadership immortal_z3o
Headquarters Assassins Fort
Founded Oct. 2011

Assassin Corp. is currently still in its growth stage, as the founder has met with time and resource issues in building the group's base of operations.


Assassin Corporation was founded by immortal_z3o with the goal of grouping together like-minded pvpers into a group where they could hone their skills. Hailing themselves as professionals, they began plans to create a mighty fortress to house their group and acolytes. However, a group does not need a fancy base for it to still be great. immortal_z3o has created numerous fun games for his group to hone their skills while the base is in progress.


  • Large embedded stone sword statue
  • Personal home for immortal_z3o
  • Primary fortress for group
  • Decorative features
  • Trees
  • Increase in size upon new members joining


  • Survival-Essentially regular survival, but with health and hunger capped at five hearts. The objective is to survive for two Minecraft days. Nothing is allowed to be built or gathered. The referee may call the game off at his discretion.
  • Obstacle Course-An Obstacle Course where you can kill competing players upon the referee's say-so.
  • Ultimate Chase-In this game, you must hunt down immortal_z3o after a thirty second preparation time. Attacking the referee results in an automatic forfeit.
  • Arena Battle Royale-Finally, the object of this game is to battle other players until there is only one survivor. The winner of this gauntlet automatically increase a rank in the Assassin Corp. due to his PVP prowess.

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