Battle Royale

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Organisations Battle Royale
Leadership SnappyMuppetman, SlowRiot
Headquarters Unknown
Founded 8th Sept. 2014
Public? Yes...and no



Battle Royale. A game of brutality at its highest. Kill or be killed. Team up or go it alone. Betray or be betrayed.


Only few rules for the game.

  • Kill or be killed.
  • Only ONE survivor.
  • Time limited, and if there is no single winner, you all die and lose.
  • Death zones - periodically, zones will be designated as "death zones". Entering, or staying in, a death zone at a given time will trigger your implanted TNT and you will die.

Rules for the Terrain

  • NO breaking of ANY blocks
  • NO placing of ANY blocks (INCLUDING TORCHES!)


The location for the BR act is top seekrits. You will be trapped on a secluded island and forced to kill your friends

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