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Organisations Batugus Builds

The Batugus Logo
An iron pickaxe over an ender pearl.

Leadership Anna_28 and Pieapple42
Headquarters Batugus


About Batugus Builds

Batugus Builds is a organisation that builds many differnt things in many differnt styles, From auto farms to floating villages.

Completed Builds/In-Progress Builds


Batugus is a village of wood houses on a settlement of floating islands in the sky. It was the first big Batugus Build and is the home of the founders of Batugus Builds. It also holds many farms and generators that were used before Batugus Labs was made. This settlement is still growing in size today.

Batugus Labs

Batugus Labs is a complex under Batugus that holds many generators, farms and redstone/craftbook contraptions aswell as a few traps and much more.
(This Project will keep going as there is much more to add to it)


A large kingdom with the theme of Christmas and similar style of buildings to Batugus.

The Iron Reef

12 Iron Farms made in 2 days that generate the iron supply for most of the beacons in Batugus Labs.

Centari Forest

This forest is a large area of player-made trees that are still being constructed.

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