Blocky Stadium

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Building Blocky Stadium

The Blocky Stadium on the inside.

Owner thebiologist13
Category Arenas
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started Summer 2011
Completed January 2012
Height 17m
Coordinates X=-285
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp MountJackal
Map link

The Blocky Stadium is a stadium made by thebiologist13 to play Blocky in. It can be seen from the Oriental Line of the Freedonia Railway System on far render distance. It is several kilometers from spawn with the coordinates x=-285 and z=-3640. The surrounding area is mostly deserted except for a few small buildings. The stadium itself is quite large, with two levels and room for vendors on the inside. VIP Suites on the second level may be rented and the Diamond and Obsidian level suites have free food for renters.

The Blocky Stadium is part of Game City, a city dedicated to entertainment venues in construction by thebiologist13 and twinchicken86. Help getting materials is needed!

For info on how to play Blocky, watch this video: Kudos to inthelittlewood for making that video and Triadian for inventing the game!

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