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Building Buddha Statue

design in sketchup

Owner getplayerhead.sh?mk59apr&16.png mk59apr
Category Statues
Public? Yes
Started August 1, 2016
Completed September 30, 2016
Height 245m
Coordinates X=-1600
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Westwood
Map link

This page created to document the building of a buddha statue at mk59apr's place here are some screenshots from the sketchup application, which I'm using to start the plans for the build:

The process in sketchup started by searching the 3D warehouse for models of the buddha(I did not build the sketchup model -the 3D warehouse is a public resource within sketchup)

Once I found a model that seemed suitable, I imported what's called the "minecraft block set" into sketchup, and scaled the buddha to fit a height of 120 blocks, as the statue is going on top of a mountain I'm currently working on.

Then I made a framework of blocks to guide the creation of the shell, and also to reference the build in minecraft if I ever get that far. After that it's just a matter of copy/paste work with a stone block and following the shape as closely as possible. each layer is a separate component so that I can pull the layers out as I rebuild this in minecraft.

I chose this build because I do yoga and meditation and wanted to bring the image of someone meditating into my space on the server.

Above screenshots show progress on the server as of Aug 27, 2016. The hill is built, and the first two layers of the statue are also done.
The hill is about half covered in dirt so far.

Two more views from sketchup, layer 9 completed. I removed most of the guideblocks from the bottom layer as they keep getting in the field of view while pasting...

Screenshot from the server Aug 31, layer 11 complete, dirt on mountain complete, snow, grass, and flowers on mountain started.

Short video from sketchup showing progress up to layer20: https://youtu.be/nL-X9_jUL7g

Screenshots from server sept 17, 2016, layer 21 of statue done, mountain all done except trees still need to grow!!

Screenshots from the Sketchup application showing progress to layer 50, with and without the original model.

All done! Sept 30th, 2016. I had to redo the face and chest a few times, can't say I'm 100% happy with it, but happy to be done for now.

125 blocks tall, used approx 15,000 smooth stone.

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