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Building Central Tower

View of the tower from the city wall

Owner getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?ToneDial&16.png ToneDial, getplayerhead.sh?HellStar&16.png HellStar
Category Towers
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 14m
Size west to east 14m
Height 40m
Coordinates X=-345
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp DrumCity
Map link

Central Tower is a partly ornamental and partly functional edifice located at the exact centre of DrumCity, giving a view over the entire city.

The tower is built of smoothstone with a halfblock and wood top, resembling a royal crown. The tower itself is vaguely styled around a king chess piece.

It is part of a series of towers named Riot's Towers, each located in one of the newly founded cities at the time. Other members of the series are:


The tower was built by SlowRiot at the foundation of DrumCity, at the precise centre of the carved out drum, to aid in city planning and as an orientation marker for visitors.

The above towers, with the exception of Central Tower, all have one thing in common - they scale all the way to the top of the height limit, and they also have a hollow excavation at their base extending all the way to bedrock. This was inspired by the contemporary trend of handing out fixed square plots of land in cities, which were often quite small in footprint, but which mandated neither a height limit nor an excavation depth limit - therefore, these towers were a way of optimising space usage within the confines of an allocated plot.

Central Tower is an exception to the above rule, as it was felt a tower running all the way to the top of the world would not be in keeping with the style of DrumCity, and such a great height would also impair the viewing of the city due to interruption by clouds, and an unfavourable angle. The height was chosen to optimise the view, both over the city itself, and across the landscape outside.

Similarly, it does not excavate to the bottom of the world like the other towers in the sequence, as ToneDial planned to build further underground vaults below DrumCity. Whether these do indeed exist is a controversial topic.

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