Court of Freedonia

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Organisations Court of Freedonia (Organisation)

The Jitterstone, symbol of the court.

Leadership Unknown
Headquarters Court of Freedonia (building)
Founded 7/6/2017
Public? No

Once apon a time players where blaming everyone of crimes (more like one player trying to make excuses and another shutting them down), then Nky278 said "Man, there should be a court for this".

That's how it began

Pretty Depressing

First Three Cases

Is Ultralightmeme lying in his book?

Items:a book called Goodbye MCO by Ultralightmeme saying he has depression and anxiety so he left. icooliam is known to have read the book.

Nether Brick

Jungle Wood Stairs


Unknown. Theres a chance Ultralightmeme could be UltraLightMemes

The beginning was kind of Depressing I know.

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