Demetria Inc.

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Organisations Demetria Inc.

We own you

Leadership TheDemetri
Headquarters The Demetria Complex
Founded 1st August 2019
Public? No

Demetria Incorporated is a company owned solely by TheDemetri.

Owned Property

The Demetria Complex

The Demetria Complex is the current base of operations for Demetria Inc. It is still being built and will have everything an employee of such a company would need. Current facilities:

  • Wheat farm
  • Wool farm
  • Book farm
  • Gold farm
  • Gunpowder farm
  • WIP Tree farm
  • Mob grinder
  • Cow grinder
  • Enchanting and repair room
  • Enchanting storage
  • Nether portal


Demetria Inc. is in full ownership of the land on which these buildings stand.

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