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Games Drinking Game
Inventor Unknown
# of Players Multi
Public? Yes
Location Specific? No

MinecraftOnline has a drinking game. Why wouldn't it?



  • Cider or beer to hand (wine or spirits may result in a hospital visit due to the regular occurance of some of the events about to be described, however if you're scottish you can probably cope).
  • Teammates to play with
  • These rules to reference against
  • Recommended: TeamSpeak
  • Minecraft open and joined to the server


Either (team event)

  • For each event that occurs you must all drink the assigned width of drink

or (solo competitive category)

  • List the player names taking part then for each event the next person in the list drink the assigned width of drink, so it goes around in a circle for all players

A fingers' width refers to your finger on the side of a pint glass (or similar sized vessel) and the amount of drink you must consume from the glass to make the liquid level drop from the top of your finger to the bottom.

Drinking events

One Sip

  • A player uses all caps
  • A player asks for a teleport
  • Liastrae offends someone
  • someone complains about lag

One finger width

  • A player asks for a god/admin to spawn an item for them
  • New player exclaims they can't possibly build unless someone "gives them stuff"
  • Someone demands all players type /goodnight (no "please" or similar statement)
  • a new player types a give command into chat (e.g. give [playername] [number] [number])
  • A player realizes, and announces, their things were stolen.
  • winx51 calls someone by a vulgar nickname
  • someone calls slowriot 'slow' or Flyingjellyfish 'flying'
  • After the hourly gift handout, someone announces their gift to the entire server

Two finger width

  • getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot joins the game (not a relog)
  • Someone "hunts the wumpus" (seperate game, rules and link to follow)
  • Someone demands, with no other explanation "[moderator|admin name] tp to me"
  • A new player types 'fly' into game chat (no other text on the same line).
  • someone asks for a link to a .jar file

Three finger width

  • banned player's friend comes on IRC to attempt to appeal a ban on thier behalf
  • A player that has purposefully built a long way from any warp now requests a warp be assigned to their construction
  • Ldog refuses to swear
  • donation message - someone donates to the server

Four finger width

  • Someone is promoted to moderator during the drinking event
  • A warp is actually awarded to someone
  • getplayerhead.sh?chivalrousWeasel&16.png chivalrousWeasel is accused of stealing wooden items from players
  • getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot comes in IRC and rips on Americans
  • Tayron logs in

Moderator/Admin Bonus Rules

One finger width

  • getplayerhead.sh?AgentMuu&16.png AgentMuu /msg's you to ask if you "want to see something awesome"
  • A gcheck sends you into rock, fire, or lava
  • A staff member accidentally says their staff chat in public chat

Two finger width

  • A day of mourning is called for the death of an admin

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