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Building ElDorado
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail
Category Houses
Underground? No
Public? No
Started 08/06/2017 (dd/mm/yy)
Completed soon
Coordinates X=11275
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Mycelia
Map link


The Construction of ElDorado

Locating the spot

In the begginig getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 searched on the map the loneliest place in Freedonia, and he found it, whose coordinates were x=11275 y=62 z=4058, then getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 started creating a circular island, at that moment, the diameter of the circular construction changed a lot of times, here you can see some images of these old ideas of getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 :

But, finally, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 decided that the perfect diameter for the island woul be 47 meters (blocks):

Making the main island

Knowing how to construct the island, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 commenced building the perimeter:

Building the perimeter

after that getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 filled the entire isle with dirt and sand, it was a tedious process:

Since 10th June of 2017 getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 has been searching for the silk touch enchantment to fill the island with mycelium, and after multiple enchanted books, he has not found it yet. But luckily for him, he founded a block of mycelium during an expedition around the server on 10 February 2018, so he only has to wait for the mycelium to spread all over the island.


ElDorado's Railway System

Glitched Island & Flatted Island

Due to the obnoxious lag that getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 had been experiencing for several months and because of his incapability to use a boat as a mean of transportation, he decided to make a railway sistem to connect ElDorado with other two near islands, Glitched Island and Flatted Island (yes, I have a lot of imagination when it comes to naming islands and settlements), the construction began the 26th of January, 2018, and it is under construction to this day.

Swynview Island

getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 wanted to connect ElDorado to the main land at the east part of the map, where it is located AnnEon, so he decided to connect ElDorado to an isolated island nearby. After a bunch of hours building the railway, he reached the island. When getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 viewed the island for the first time he was astonished and overwhelmed by the majesty and beauty of the island, so he decided to call it Swynview Island, because 'Swyn' is a welsh word that means charm or fascination.



Inside of the chest that getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail gave to getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21, after getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 took some cobblestone and armor

At 21:26 9 February 2018 getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 was finishing a section of ElDorado's Railway System that connects ElDorado to Swynview Island, but he accidentally misplaced a block of cobblestone and then getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail, a moderator on MinecraftOnline, received an alert about it. When getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail teleported to getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 to check if he was griefing, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 explained him what was really happening. After clarifying this misunderstanding getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail asked getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 if he needed some help, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 answered yes and then getplayerhead.sh?DragonsTail&16.png DragonsTail offered a chest full of cobble, diamond armor and diamond tools to help him.

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