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Building ElDorado
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21
Category Houses
Underground? No
Public? No
Started 08/06/2017 (dd/mm/yy)
Completed soon
Coordinates X=11275
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Mycelia
Map link

The Construction of ElDorado

Locating the spot

In the begginig getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 searched on the map the loneliest place in Freedonia, and he found it, whose coordinates were x=11275 y=62 z=4058, then getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 started creating a circular island, at that moment, the diameter of the circular construction changed a lot of times, here you can see some images of these old ideas of getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 :

But, finally, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 decided that the perfect diameter for the island woul be 47 meters (blocks):

Making the main island

Knowing how to construct the island, getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 commenced building the perimeter:

Building the perimeter

after that getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 filled the entire isle with dirt and sand, it was a tedious process:

Since 10th June of 2017 getplayerhead.sh?Zaek21&16.png Zaek21 has been searching for the silk touch enchantment to fill the island with mycelium, and after multiple enchanted books, he has not found it yet.

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