Fickleford Castle

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Building Fickleford Castle
Owner thesprazzler
Contributors theschlozmeister
Category Castles
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 2016
Completed NA
Coordinates X=144
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NewHaven
Map link
Fickleford Castle is a Scottish styled castle overlooking the town of Fickleford.


Inspiration and Style

The castle overlooking town idea was largely sparked in thesprazzler's mind by an extremely neo-noobish construction nearby. The truly inspiring creation appears to have been built by a certain Mrparker96, almost entirely out of dirt, but possessing spadefuls of that noobish charm.

The town is fairly generic in style, holding a sort of European medieval vibe, whilst the castle is decidedly Scottish it's in construction. thesprazzler found inspiration from the real life Eilean Donan Castle. The castle was thrown together from a series of seemingly random cuboids, until it's complex final shape was achieved. It was carefully designed to form a classical triangular shape when viewed as a whole, peaking in the middle. Mrparker96's dirt castle


Central Keep thesprazzler first started work on the central keep, adding new forms left and right, leaving a raggedly misshapen interior area. As the castle rose higher, defensive positions made way for more stylised luxury windows, and small rooms topping the towers.

View up the keep
The top of the keep

Outer Defences

After the keep had been shaped out, thesprazzler set out to improve defences on the weak Northern side. He added winding ramparts interrupted by small guard towers, eventually meeting back into the main keep, and the front gate. The main gatehouse was then constructed, and the wall continued around the Southern side, where it meets a large, squat tower, with a watchtower protruding from the middle. The battlements were then completed with a secondary gate exiting on to a, as of then, non-existent bridge.

The Northern defences
The Southern defences
The main gate
The bridge side gate

Elevated Walkway

The elevated walkway linking the main keep to the Southern tower was constructed many months after the rest of the castle, but maintains the same style as the buildings it connects.

The elevated walkway

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