Hellstarbridge Temple

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Building Hellstarbridge Temple
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Machines_Are_Us&16.png Machines_Are_Us
Category Places of Worship
Underground? No
Public? Unknown
Coordinates X=-23
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp HellStarBridge
Map link

The Beginning

It began as an idea for a castle sitting in the middle of the sea. It had no links to the land, and was designed to include four towers, as well as crenellations along the edges. Machine's also used this place as his storage area until he became sick of it being repeatedly looted during server roll-backs. He designed the building as an answer to all of the cobble castles located throughout the server. He wanted something that stood out from those and so he built his using smoothstone for the flooring, and stone slabs for the walls.

He then decided to add a bridge linking it to the mainland. This began as a simple smoothstone/stone slab creation, but was later converted to include a glass roof as well as waterfalls flowing down the sides.

The Fabled Ceiling.

The Great Renovation

Machines realised quickly that he wasn't very good at interior design. While he believed the castle looked decent from the outside, he found that it wasn't spacious enough inside to design rooms in a way that would work, and so he decided to convert it into a temple. He began by removing towers on the outside as well as the crenellation. He then removed the pillars, second floor and the the stairs, then dug the pools that were filled with statues that were described as "creepy" by getplayerhead.sh?Lothendal&16.png Lothendal. He then proceeded to add the signs, first the ones welcoming people to the building, and afterwards a whole host of them, each acknowledging the staff of the server. Whenever a new staff member is created, he adds their name to the list.

The final product is a 'Temple' to acknowledge all of the staff members of the server, and Machines' quiet amusement that nobody even knows it exists.

The Finished Product.

The Removal

Machines decided that a temple dedicated to remembering all the staff was a little selective, so he created a new building know as The Monument, it was originally placed in the same location as the now demolished temple, but was later moved to somewhere near the spawn area so it would have easier public access.

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