Hermesbird's House

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Building Hermesbird's House
Owner Hermesbird
Category Houses
Underground? Maybe
Public? No
Started February 2012
Completed ???
Coordinates X=-691
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Glenfiddich
Map link

The first (and so far the only) home of Hermesbird.


Due to its owner's whimsical nature, it was rebuilt from scratch twice:

  • Like most newbie houses, it started out as a humble dirt hut, surrounded by hills and sand.
  • After the surroundings had been slightly landscaped and flattened, that shabby hut evolved into a square cobblestone house, measuring roughly 19x19x18 blocks.
  • Still considering that new building too shabby, Hermesbird once again rebuilt it from scratch. Cobblestone was replaced with fancier materials and the house was expanded: Another floor was added and the shape was changed. Once most of the architectural work was done, the house was carefully furnished and decorated, thus officially ending its second rebuilding.

At this point, the surrounding area went through some changes as well: Mycelium was planted in the garden, replacing the original sand and grass. A small pond nearby was expanded, to become the artificial lake that lies in front of the house.

Due to Hermesbird's aforementioned whimsical nature, interiors and garden of this house are frequently remodeled.

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