Infected Tower

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Building Infected Tower
Owner Lothendal
Category Towers
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Size north to south 13m
Size west to east 13m
Coordinates X=2077
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Unknown
Map link

Not much is known about the inhabitant of this tower. He and his tower kind of appeared over night, first unnoticed by the citizens of the nearby village. While he seemed a rather mad wizard, he protected the village and its people ever since then. The villagers in return supplied him with all provisions they could spare.

After a terrible nightly thunderstorm the wizard suddenly was gone. At the same time the tower's substance started to transform into some unknown and scary material. After weeks one brave villager entered the tower and found an active portal which seems to be the source of what the villagers call infection. The villagers believe the wizard disappeared through this very portal. He might well have experimented with powers that were too strong even for a man of his knowledge.

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