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"You don't know what mobs are? It's that thing behind you about to eat your brain." - Acsidol

Mobs or monsters are an integral part of the survival aspect of Minecraft. They come in different flavours and almost all of them are united in a single aim come nightfall: to bring about your swift demise, amongst a chorus of ill-choreographed hissings, growlings and clankings, accompanied by the occasional bang.


Nocturnal Mobs

"I really hate cleaning all the rotten meat off my roof in the morning." M_Fujiwara

Nocturnal monsters spawn at night or in darkness.


Zombies have green skin, wear a ragged version of Steve's clothing, and make unnaturally loud growling noises. They approach in a lurching manner, and appear to remove health by attempting to give you zombie-hugs. On hard dificulty or hardcore mode they will break wooden doors and kill you. They drop rotten flesh which cannot be cooked, but if eaten will cause food poisoning. Oddly, eating enough rotten flesh to fill the hunger bar migitates the poison as the regeneration of hearts by a full hunger bar beats the loss of hearts by the rotten flesh. Very rarely they drop iron armor and ingots. Sunlight causes them to burst into flames and eventually die, though they can and will attack while on fire. They raid villages at night and kill villagers too. Zombies will also convert villagers into villager zombies, which can be cured with a golden apple and splash potion of weakness.


<RepulsiveCurve> i got hurt and no sekeltons
<Rayzion> what are sekeltons >?
<RepulsiveCurve> a monster ....
<Madjock999> a 5 year olds spelling of skeleton?
<RepulsiveCurve> with bows
<Rayzion> dude your an idiot
<RepulsiveCurve> hmm
<RepulsiveCurve> sek?
<RepulsiveCurve> for short?

Skeletons are armed with a bow and an unlimited supply of arrows, and their progression is signalled by bony clunking noises. They tend to move in circles around the player, making them harder to use close-range attacks on. Skeletons drop bones, which can be used to make bonemeal and used as dye or miracle grow for your garden. They also drop some of their arrows, so you're armed for the next time the blighters come back. Once and every while, they will drop their bows too.

Skeletons, like zombies, burn when in sunlight.


Spiders make hissing noises. They are able to climb walls, so remember to block windows to avoid unwanted night visitors.

Spiders are hostile when found in darkness such as night or in caves - this is confirmed by their glowing eyes. When in light they become passive and their eyes cease glowing, but be wary as when hit or pushed excessively they will respond by attacking.

Once killed, spiders drop string and/or a spider eye. Spider eye has uses in potions, while string can be used to make wool, fishing rods and other toolsand items.

Cave Spiders

Cave Spiders are the small spiders found in mine shafts that poison you on contact.

Charged creepers on fire


"That'sssss a very nicessssss everything you have there. It'd be a ssssssshame if sssomething were to happen to it."- Anonymous creeper. Fortunately, they are no longer capable of grief.

For most of Freedonia's history, creepers were nerfed - they would approach you for a hug, but disappear harmlessly, failing to do any damage with their explosions. This was necessary to avoid people abusing them to grief structures. Currently creeper explosions harm players but not structures. As a result, creepers are once again scary.

If killed without exploding, creepers can drop gunpowder, which can be used for TNT. Given that TNT cannot harm structures in Freedonia, and creeper hunting is so dangerous, gunpowder harvesting is near pointless.

If a creeper is hit by lightning it will become charged, making it more powerful and faster.

Enderman on a building
3 Endermen


Endermen were added to Minecraft in the 1.8 update. They are supposed to attack players who look at them. Their block carrying ability has been disabled in Freedonia to prevent them from griefing player structures. Endermen can also teleport short distances and so can avoid arrows shot at them. When killed they can drop enderpearls, which can be used to teleport a player like an enderman would. Endermen also spawn in large amounts in the End dimension.

Endermen die from exposure to sunlight or water.


Witches are the evil version of Villagers, where they will use potions to heal themselves and poison you. Upon death they drop sticks, glowstone, redstone, bottles and/or one of the potions they use.


Slimes spawn in swamps or caves underground, they can spawn in any light level however only spawn above ground in swamps at night. When you kill a Slime, it will split into smaller parts of itself, which upon death will split again and again till they reach the smallest size and die. Slime spawn rates are also affected by the phases of the moon. Upon death they will drop slime balls.


Silverfish are the tiny gray things that hide inside stone blocks in extreme hill biomes and strongholds. When you hurt a silverfish, other nearby silverfish will break the block they are hiding in and attack you. They can also hide in any stone, stonebrick or cobble blocks they find. Silverfish do not drop anything when killed.


Bats spawn in caves and darkness. They will sleep upside down on the bottom of blocks, but fly away when a player comes near them. They do not drop anything upon death.

Nether Mobs

"I hate Ghasts! " - Zen_Fighter

In the realm of the Nether, there are 5 Powerful mobs that you must fight. Many have died because of them.


Ghasts-the most annoying mob in the Nether. They can Fly, Shoot Exploding Fireballs, and see you from 100 blocks away. Luckily, their Fireball can be deflected by hitting them and running because of their bad accuracy. The block-destroying fireball they shoot has been edited to not destroy block. When killed, they may drop Gunpowder and Ghast Tears.

Zombie Pigmen

Zombie pigmen are a combination of a zombie and a pigman. They carry gold swords and make snorting sounds. Zombie Pigmen are grouped in small "Tribes", so there are usually a couple around the same place. Be careful when killing them, because all other zombie Pigmen in a 12 radius area will instantly come to help its brethren. This usually ends up in you being beat up by 10 angry Zombie Pigmen. They drop Gold nuggets, rotten flesh, and very rarely golden swords and ingots upon death.

When a player is killed by another in PVP, a group of Pigmen Police in blue uniform with a wooden sword will spawn and investigate the player death. If you attack one of the officers they will group together and fight you. These officers do not drop anything upon death.

Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes are like Slimes, except all sizes can kill you. When you kill a Magma cube, it will split into smaller parts of itself, which upon death will split again and again till they reach the smallest size and die. They drop Magma Cream upon death.


Blazes are the rarest mobs in The Nether. They can spawn from a Blaze spawner in a Nether Fortress or naturally in a nether fort, so they are also hard to find. When they see you, Blazes will start floating and will throw 3 undeflectable fireballs at you in rapid succession. Once thrown, the Blaze will stop burning and "Charge Up" it's body. Then they repeat the attack process. Blazes drop Blaze Rods upon death.

Wither Skeletons

Wither Skeletons are the tall, black version of the regular skeleton. They only spawn in nether forts inside the nether and have a rare chance of dropping a wither skeleton head when killed. Unlike regular skeletons, these wither skeletons hold large stone swords and are much taller. They will also poison you with the wither effect when they hurt you. These skeletons drop coal, bones and sometimes their sword upon death.

Passive Mobs

These are the stupid sheep and pigs that almost always manage to kill themselves. Also a good source of food.


Cows. You already know what they look like. You breed them by using wheat on 2 different Cows. Drops Leather and meat upon death. You can also use a bucket on them and get the poison-healing/cake ingredient Milk.


Mooshrooms, or Mushroom Cows, are like normal cows, but are red and have mushrooms growing on their back. They have everything a regular cow has and more. Similar with buckets and milk, if you use a bowl on them you will get mushroom soup. Shearing these cows will drop their mushrooms and turn them into normal cows.


"You kill them, I kill you. Simple." - sheep1997
Minecraft Sheep are like sheep, but square. They usually are found with white wool, although they can rarely be black, brown, and pink. You can use dyes to color them. You can use shears on them to get 1-3 pieces of wool. They regrow it by eating grass. Drops wool upon death.

When renamed to "jeb_", sheep will constantly change their color.


Pigs are pink. You can ride them with a saddle for fun, and to play Pigchinko. If lightning strikes a pig in the overworld, they can become Zombie Pigmen, although this is very rare. Drops raw porkchops upon death.


Chickens flutter around and occasionally drop eggs where they are. Drops feathers and raw chicken upon death.


Squids are the derpy things swimming in the ocean, which always manage to swim up too much and run out of water. They can be found in any large water source and drop ink sacs upon death.

Tameable Mobs

"Good Doggy" monk30lol

These Mobs can become your friends if you give them things.


Wolfs are like Dogs. They can be found in the Taiga Biome. To tame them, you must have some bones. Go up to one while holding a bone, and it will tilt its head and stare at you. After giving it a random amount of bones, it will become "Tamed" and get a red collar. It will also have a puff of hearts come out when tamed. Watch out though, because if you hit it when it is not tamed, it will become hostile. The whole pack will then chase you with red eyes until you kill them or die. Wolfs do not drop anything upon death.


Ocelots spawn in the new Jungle Biome. You can tame it using raw fish. When tamed, it will change into 1 of 3 colors of cats. These cats do not fight and never take fall damage. Creepers will run away from them. Drops Nothing upon death.


Added in 1.6, horses spawn naturally in plains biomes. They can be tamed by riding them or feeding them hay bales, wheat, sugar or apples. They can be ridden with a saddle and given iron, gold or diamond horse armor. Breeding two horses together with golden apples or carrots will make a baby horse with speed, health and jump height similar to the two parent horses.

Donkeys and Mules can also be found naturally. They can not wear armor like regular horses though, but can carry chests which will hold items. Donkeys and Horses can be bred together to get Mules, but Mules can not be bred.

Horses, Donkeys and Mules drop leather upon death.

NPC Mobs

These are mobs that look like players but cannot be played.


Humans (aka Steves) were Mobs that wandered aimlessly. If any of them were attacked, they would from then on attempt to kill you. SlowRiot transformed these into the Steve Police that would hunt down PVPers. But then Notch wrote them out of the game. You'll never see them again. However Pigmen Police have now replaced them.



Villagers are Mobs that spawn in little villages. They have Squidwards nose from SpongeBob. They can open wooden doors and go inside houses during night. Zombies can and will kill them. Sometimes they "converse" with each other or you by staring straight at you for a bit. If there is room in a village villagers will breed a child that plays tag. They drop nothing upon death.

Utility Mobs

These are Mobs you can create yourself.

Snow Golems.

Snow Golem

Snow Golems are made by placing 2 snow blocks on top of each other, then putting a Pumpkin directly on top of the snow. Snow golems leave a path of snow wherever they go, except in the Nether. They throw snowballs at any Hostile Mob that comes close. Doing this is like an act of suicide though, because Snow Golems only have 2 hearts of health, and will die very easily. they attack by throwing Snowballs at mobs. Snow Golems also melt in warm Biomes. Drops snowballs upon death.

Iron Golem

These Golems look like Buff Villagers made out of iron. You make them by stacking 2 iron blocks on top of each other, then putting an Iron block on each side for arms. Then you put a pumpkin on the top. Iron Golems can Spawn naturally in a village with 15 Villagers and 1 house. They attack by picking up the mob and hurling it at the ground. They will also attack YOU if you hurt a villager. Iron Golems have 100 HP=50 Hearts. Drops 3-5 iron Ingots and sometimes a rose upon Death.

Boss Mobs

These are Mobs that are considered bosses.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon was the first boss mob implemented into Minecraft. This boss is extremely hard to kill and usually takes a team of well prepared players to defeat this mob. The Ender Dragon is located in the End, which you can reach by finding End portals. These End Portals however are extremely difficult to find, and there are only a select few who have traveled to the end. However the Ender dragon is no longer available to players as it has already been defeated once. Upon death the Dragon drops many xp orbs, and a portal back to the Normal world


This Mob can be summoned by any player by placing 4 soul sand in an upright position. Then placing 3 wither skeleton heads on top of the soul sand structure will summon the wither. The wither deals an immense amount of damage to any player that faces up against it. After losing half of its health, it will activate a shield which makes arrows virtually pointless. Upon death the Wither will drop a nether star, which in turn can be crafted into a beacon.

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