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Organisations Mortis Vivos

The Gothic-style home of Mortis Vivos

Leadership Liastrae, SnappyMuppetman, Blobehh, Kingcammy150
Headquarters Malleore
Founded Early May, 2013
Public? No

< bubba_basti>: what the fuck is mortis vivos?

< Liastrae>: I don't know what you're talking about.

Early Beginnings

Mortis Vivos is an alliance set up between players Liastrae and SnappyMuppetman, in an attempt to replace The Accord. It was founded in secret in early May, 2013, after numerous cooperative kills between Lias and Snappy. In the coming weeks, a home was built and players Blobehh and Kingcammy150 joined the group. No official word was given of this organisation until the 29th of May, 2013, the group was however known about due to named weaponry.


Joining Mortis Vivos is no easy task, as it relies purely on your PvP abilities. There is no registration form, meaning the only entrance into the association is to be asked by Liastrae. The current members have consistently proved themselves to be at worth when confronted, and were hence asked to join.

Rules & Regulations

Much like the previous Accord, Mortis Vivos have rules which apply solely to prevent breaches in both server rules and guild relationships. Breaking any of these rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by those not involved.

  • 1. Keep wholly within server rules; no rule-bending.
  • 2. Do not act maliciously to a fellow member.
  • 3. No repeat killing of the same targets.
  • 4. Do not speak for the organisation without agreement.

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