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Organisations NGQ Apartments

NGQ's Headquarters in Aryina City.

Leadership icooliam
Headquarters Aryina City
Founded 28 October 2014
Public? Yes

NGQ Apartments is an organisation/company that owns a range of apartments towers. The aim of the company is to provide players with cheap (or free if it's a new player) apartments, that are big enough to live in and are of good quality. The headquarters of NGQ Apartments is located near the shop district of Aryina City. All of the towers owned by NGQ Apartments are similar because they all have little or no furnishings, and they all are the exact same as the other apartments in that certain tower. The name of NGQ Apartments comes from it's aim, to create good quality apartments, and it's name stands for Nice Good Quality, which is the standard that it's apartments are.


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