Sandy Bottom

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Settlement Sandy Bottom
Founder Prince__Valiant
Category Towns
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=3391
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Gardopolis
Map link

Sandy Bottom started out as a naturally spawned village, complete with villagers. It started with a plan to quickly build some little shacks in order to get more doors to help the villagers to breed naturally and spawn iron golems. Unfortunately there was a really long night, and a bunch of zombies. The poor villagers did not survive the night.

Prince Valiant continued to build, but decided to use the village to help out new players. When a new player joined they were offered a chance to build in a place where there was a food supply and building supply. There are several starter houses around the village, built by Prince__Valiant along with new players as they joined the server. In its heyday there would be 20 or so players per day in and around Sandy Bottom, which lead to some unsavory players deciding to use it as a 'noob hunting ground'. Some of the new players got banned for breaking the rules, some have quit, but several players just moved out and started a new build in another place on the map.

There are several 'personal' homes build in and around the village. The village also features an auto-replant crop farm, and an auto-cook cow farm. The tallest building is the exp farm, where both Skeletons and Zombies can be killed. There is a community building, that has an enchanting room, a nether portal, a repair room with anvils, and a brewing room with auto-replant nether wart. There are 2 statues protecting the village and a multilayer library just a short boat ride across the bay. Kittyboy666 built ships, hotel, and a restaurant, along with a giant penis that was later removed. Several roads have been built through and out of Sandy Bottom. The first major road connected with Draglide's Ironguard.

Builders in Sandy Bottom include: Prince__Valiant Enderkid007 Enderkid009 Super_Ender nambortex iamdro Kittyboy666 dogglet

(plus many others, if you would like to be listed here just let me know)

Plus many others.

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