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Organisations Seculates of Quin

A Kullersten, The symbol of the Organization.

Leadership Seculate Council
Headquarters Unknown


About the Seculates of Quin

The Seculates of Quin are a group dedicated to re-discovering the lost teachings of the Prophet Quin. It is believed that there are 8 Kullersten, which are large cobblestone symbols, lost somewhere in Freedonia, and each one contains a part of Quin's teachings, separated into books called [placeholder]. The S.O.Q are trying to find all 8 and complete the teachings of Quin. Quin was a Prophet to the Ancient God Oz, who can be seen every day in Freedonia as when he ceased to exist he became the Celestial Body known as the Sun.


The S.O.Q was created when the first Kullersten was discovered in a cave in New Louisville, and under that Kullersten the first Book of Quin was also found. The The First Crypt of Quin was built around it after mrpringlehead read the initial teachings of Quin. After building the Crypt to protect the site, he formed the Seculates of Quin.


Currently, there are spaces on both the Seculate Council, which is the governing body of the S.O.Q, and the Peership for any player to fill. To apply to join, contact mrpringlehead using /mail or through Telegram. If you are accepted, you will be put through an Initiation Test, the details of which cannot be revealed. There will only ever be 8 member of the Seculate Council and 16 Peers in the group at one time.


At present, there are few rules, as not all Books of Quin have been discovered. However, a preliminary rule has been set out that states to not kill other players unless provoked, or unless you are using the Blade of Quin, a semi mythical item that is yet to be found.


The Headquarters of the Seculates of Quin is currently at an undisclosed location, but once the Seculate Council has 8 members, it's location will be revealed. There are also multiple Churches of Quin around Freedonia, and many are under construction in major Settlements on all axis.

Public Member list

Seculate Council




Holy Locations

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