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Organisations SternReich
Leadership John Doe
Headquarters Unknown
Public? No


Aufstieg des Imperiums

Ever since the creation of the Minecraft world there have been those that seek combat from fellow beings. These two form an agreement and enter combat, from which only one will emerge victorious. In the past these battles have had honor. Blood may be spilled, but the two warriors mantain a healthy rivalry and are even friends on occasion.

This form of battle has been corrupted. No longer do two strong opponents go into battle and emerge with no hard feelings. Now, a powerful soldier will slaughter a dozen or more innocent souls for the pleasure of killing. These "superior" soldiers do not seek a healthy relationship with their opponents. They do not seek an even match, no matter how much they claim the opposite. These are cowards who seek domination over all other beings, and will go to any length and create any excuse to cause unnatural pain. An often and most unfortunate occurance is that the clearly superior, i.e those with special powers bestowed upon them, will more often than not abuse these given abilities for the foul purpose of bullying and slaughter of those less fortunate. There is nothing "superior" about these fighters. They are cowards, always avoiding an equal match.

If you are a strong warrior seeking to kill these cowardly fighters, do not bother. They will do whatever it takes to avoid a strong adversary, and will instead seek only those that are obviously weaker. They will taunt and ridicule those they kill with a vile temper that causes nothing but rage to build inside the oppressed. Groups will be created by these individuals for the sole purpose of torturing the young newcomers to the world. These groups will be for no other purpose than to sate the desires of the leader, such as attacking individuals the leader has a vendetta against or simply is annoyed by. The modern day version of combat is perverted and distainful.

From the carnage of the modern day emerges a new organization, a new empire of honorable warriors. It holds no grudges, has no vendettas, and protects the weak from unjust harm by the cowards. The only pvp it takes part in is the honorable kind. From this combat comes no foul feelings or ill will. It does not announce its activities to the public, and has no true headquarters. Its members are chosen not from the people with the most kills on their record, as more often than not these individuals are the dishonorable cowards who kill unarmed citizens. Instead, the soldiers of this new empire are selected only from the most honorable fighters. It does not matter how many kills are on your record, but how you attained those kills.

We are the honorable warriors. We are the grinning fighters. We are the friendly killers.

We are the SternReich.

Welcome to our pack.

Member Selection

Much like the selection of the staff of Freedonia, each member of the SternReich is chosen after careful deliberation. However, add to this selection process random and/or intense questioning during observation, and a trail period of combat against other members.

If you are deemed innapropriate to join the Ideal of the SternReich, you will never hear from them again unless you prove a change in ideals.

Current Members

  • Kommandant - Information unavailable
  • Rittmeister - Information unavailable
  • Kämpfer - Information unavailable
  • Lakaien - Information unavailable

The Ideal

Combat should not be the abuse of superior power against weaker beings. Exploitation of superiority against inferiority leads to nowhere but stagnation and dissolution. To prove superiority one must find and attempt to usurp an equal being or one that is superior than oneself. Only through usurpation of superior forces can a being truly be superior itself. This is the Ideal of the SternReich.

Two Arms of a Giant

As our numbers continue to swell in secret, so two does our organization. Two branches of the Empire will now be known among its members and its allies. These two forces are the sword and shield of the Empire.

The Verfolger

The righteous blade of the SternReich exists in the form of its warriors. The Verfolger consists of the top swordsmen and archers. They are strong in heart and in spirit. They are the prosecutors of our will, the hunters of our enemies, and the protectors of the weak and innocent.

The Baumeister

For every proper warrior with a blade, there is a shield. To counter the destructive abilities of the Verfolger, the Baumeister exists to rebuild and create anew. These honorable souls build and craft the world in which we live, and aid all those that need it. They will aid a tortured innocent soul that has been attacked by a corrupted warrior. They are the peacemakers.

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