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Organisations The Creepers' Guild
Leadership 123454678294556
Headquarters Unknown
Founded 24th March 2011


The Creepers' Guild was created by 123454678294556 at 19:01 24th March 2011 under the name of The BME for The Bruised Male Egos from the quote "There's nothing funnier than a bruised male ego" from Carpool. Because MABonnici didn't like this name there was a discussion to whether have the name as another comedic reference (e.g "Ah a fight! Which button isn't crouch" Darra O' Briain) or a Minecraft reference (e.g The Zombie Taunters). But since every comedy reference to Minecraft is a Creeper they decided on The Creepers' on 18:57 26th March 2011.


The Creepers' Relation to Team Legion is that of a Grudge because they killed MABonnici, 123454678294556. The relationship to The Brotherhood of The Earth is a Trade Ally, providing armour for farm supplies. The Creepers have a policy of sacrificing a cake to admins which in effect helped create the infinite cake at the Visitor Centre. They hope this puts them in high regard towards the admins.

Members and Titles

In order of joining:

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