The Great Battleship

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Building The Great Battleship

Battleship by Imperial_Crise

Owner Imperial_Crise
Category Ships
Underground? No
Size north to south 300m
Size west to east 100m
Coordinates X=6267
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Great Battleship is one of the biggest projects of a Crown's Landing founder, Imperial_Crise. It is currently under construction but once completed, Imperial_Crise will definitely leave the server but with not nothing behind it. He will make a great tournament where the winner will win many resources (the inheritances of Imperial_Crise) inheritances: he is one of the richest in Freedonia. He will give his rights to Crown's Landing to a member of the Crown Council.



Progress of the ship construction: 70%.


  • Precious blocks

- 11 Stacks of Emerald block
- 8 Stacks of Iron block
- 3 Stack of Coal block
- 2 Stack of Gold block
- 1 Stacks of Diamond Ore
- 1 Stacks of Emerald Ore

  • Wool

- 136 Stacks of Black Wool
- 20 Stacks of Green Wool
+ 8 Stacks of other wools

  • Wood

- 82 Stacks of Fence
- 54 Stacks of Spruce wood
- 27 Stacks of Dark Oak Wood
- 12 Stacks of Oak Wood
- 10 Stacks of other wood
- 5 Stacks of Chest

  • Other big stacks

- 24 Stacks of Glass
- 13 Stacks of Cobblestone
- 3 Stacks of Cobweb
+ 244 stacks of other blocks


The battleship is located in the town of Crown's Landing :

- With the Nexus :

  • Main Nexus
  • Yellow Nexus
  • Center Portal (2)
  • Crown's Landing


After the construction of the boat, Imperial_Crise will organize a huge event (on one of its dedicated servers) where the winner(s) will win the legacies of Imperial_Crise itself.


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