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Settlement Crown's Landing

View at the sky!

Founder Imperial_Crise, Vryam
Contributors KingGAMER505, Le_Lorrain, Raflamar
Category Cities
Underground? Under Construction
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 2000m
Size west to east 2000m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=6163
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NovumCulta
Map link

Crown's Landing is a private city; To be part of the inhabitants, you have to pay. Why pay to live in this city when you can live in other cities for free? Because this city is the best! In addition to sorting the future inhabitants, the current inhabitants are of very high construction levels. Each unique in their own ways of building, since they are able to build whatever they want! In addition to everything, every week, a game is organized between the inhabitants to win a lot of resources! This city is very rich. To try to join, you can also find Raflamar, he will know what to tell you.

This city was founded by Vryam and Imperial_Crise. They have the rights to modify the infrastructures, assign plots and invite/kick residents. Contact them if you have any inquiry. Raflamar also has the rights over the cities plots, and Le_Lorrain has the rights over the cities non-plotted builds.

Available Plots: 10 Raflamar is: open for questions, the unofficial tour guide for CL and regularly updates/edits the wiki.



Crown's Landing is located in the Southeast of the map. Very far from the spawn: indeed, we have not identified any thefts or grievances in this city, even though it is the largest city in this area. It is located here to be the economic centre of this area. Crown's Landing is the largest city in this area and is protected by a wall that protects the city from grievances and mobs. Crown's Landing competes with the major cities of Freedonia.

Communications and Travel

Travelling to the city is easy using the nether portal; from the warp NovumCulta ( using the command /warp NovumCulta )

  1. Take the portal in the warp NovumCulta
  2. Use the Nether Portal
  3. You will found some signs to go to the city.

There you are!

- With the Nexus :

  • Main Nexus
  • Yellow Nexus
  • Center Portal (2)
  • Crown's Landing

The Rules

  1. Don't Grief under any circumstance
  2. PVP without consent is prohibited
  3. Don't build out of your assigned plots
  4. No stealing unless for public chests
  5. Don't kill animas/golems + replant crops

These rules are not exhaustive and you'll have to use your common sense. Please don't do anything that may affect someone else in a negative way. If you have any project or ideas, fell free to contact Vryam and Imperial_Crise via /msg or /mail !

You can also ask Raflamar via /msg or /mail if you have any questions.


Public Area

Citizens (25) Imperial_Crise Vryam Rifthunter_GRLX _BionicBrain_ doublehelix457, mk59apr, Le_Lorrain speedandpower_08 Yeroma superclash06 KingGAMER505 Raflamar Zeltoz Mystila Altmer934 Nije6 TatteredMonk Inspector_Foix LtCalBro tyhdefu VonRiessfeld WakePvP JackORace ryang3344 TheGolum

Founders Imperial_Crise - The Entire City Vryam - The Entire City and Islands

Staff Raflamar - Plots: 5 & 666. Public Builds: SanctaphraxFountain Le_Lorrain - Plot: 11. Public Builds: Lorrain's Park

Mods mk59apr - Plot: 8 (the maze)

Contributors KingGAMER505 - Plot: 6. Public Builds: Farm & Twin Towers

Inhabitants superclash06 - Plot: 4 WakePvp -

And maybe you ? :D

Town Staff Imperial_Crise 
The Founder of The Crown's Landing - Control over everything Vryam 
The Founder of The Crown's Landing - Control over everything Raflamar 
Head of Plots - Control over plots (Can Recruit new players + Give/Alter/Remove players plots)
Also Head of Wiki - Main person who spends ages working on, editing and updating the wiki. Most of what you see here was done by me! Le_Lorrain 
Head of Builds - Control over public builds (Can GivePermission for a public build, alter it and remove)

If you have any question about Crown's Landing, you can ask the players on top. They will be happy to help you :D


Crown's Landing has signed The Peace Contract 2017
Crown's Landing is in alliance with:
NHCity : A big power of Freedonia



The Twin Tower War

On May 4th 2019, A conflict Broke up though The Town, It all Started like This, Vryam was peacefully on the twin towers building finishing the roof of the build, by unknown reasons Vryam started shooting his fellow citizens from down below. RoyalRoach was Furious at Vryam for doing this, in result, he started shooting back at Vryam, more and more people started shooting back, over time players like WakePvP, Veroma, and TheGolum. The Player stormed up the ladder to discover it was covered by Lava!, the war began slowly going away and all the players did a sigh of relief... the players put the Event behind them and moved on.

Map Link:

The Bush Competition

On May 17th 2019, Minecraft's 10 year anniversary. Crown's Landing saw the largest amount of players at one time in it's history of being active (6, 7 or 8}. And for a random reason Vryam started a bush competition. Builds: Vryam built a turtle. Raflamar built a skeleton (bad proportions). LudicrousLogan made a long bench thing and a dick. TheGolum made a "Tower Thingy". And others took part as well.

This was added by Raflamar at 22:22 British Time when he lost his sanity building the skeleton. NOTE: If you can, add Images of each build as these will be taken down soon.

Map Link to the stretch of road that the constest took place:

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