Umbrella Corporation

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Organisations Umbrella Corporation
Leadership Zfleming1
Headquarters Delta City
Founded May 16th 2011
Public? No

The Umbrella Corporation

Founded by Zfleming1, the corporation was created as a means to meet the needs of the people and the server itself. It is one of the most trust(Error404: LIES)ed company within the server and is the future. The company itself was formed as a deal with Slowriot as means to bring about a bigger investment for Freedonia's Economy as well as for the development of new technology ERROR CODE#666 (NO ITS A CoV3R uP! ALL LIE-s)


Good I have your attention now. Zfleming1 and his company are watching me as we speak. I can't tell you who I am but you need to listen to me. Everything Umbrella and Zfleming1 has done are all lies. He has been trying to cover up a major disaster within the server itself. I have to leave for now but you must stay alert as the truth will be brought forth to you soon.


more to come soon.....

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