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User 6stooges

steve, a hot twink

Known as 6, stooges, stoogles
Gender Male
Location Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Occupation Student, gay hoe, twink
In Freedonia
First joined 21 June 2017
First building House in Pallet Town
View profile and statistics 6stooges is an agressively gay MCO player known for corrupting chat.

He has a base that no one will ever find. It isn't that impressive.

On January 30th, 2019, 6stooges was banned for addition griefing a giant swastika. He was unbanned a few weeks later after a successful appeal where he admitted it was wrong and promised not to do it again.

IRL 6stooges is a scrawny gay twink who desperately needs a boyfriend. Applications can be submitted at any time. 6stooges can be summed up in one single quote: 6stooges "one time I was fucking doublehelix457 and he had a miscarriage on my dick and I spent hours licking baby chunks off”

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