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User Alkarius_Endgame

Rubik's cubes are the best

Known as Alkarius, Alka or my real name Luc
Gender Male
Location London
Nationality The best one British
DOB 1 July 1997
Occupation Asshole and computer fanatic
In Freedonia
First joined 2016
First building Does a river count?
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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Writing about myself in the third person

Alkarius spends most of his time terra-forming, fixing chunk loading errors (seriously I have a delusion of fixing all the chunk errors. All of them. ALL OF THEM!) and also helps gricer1326 to expand the rail system.

Alkarius's... Endgame... (joke) is to have a team of terra-formers to help keep the vast world looking pretty, as well as becoming the GOD KING ALKA -- ruler of making the world better -- and also being a moderator and stuff.

Friends what are those? RearAdmiralSarge was on of the first people I met on Minecraft back in 2011 we built many things together and hes been a good friend ever since. gricer1326 and I met in 2012 thanks to RearAdmiralSarge but he and I didn't get along until 2015 when we were reintroduced and now we talk almost every day, build stuff and he is also the person who introduced me to MCO

I like computers

Like most lonely people, Alkarius maintains an intense, almost sexual love for computers.As a result he does not shut up about how powerful his is and this tends to drive potential "friends" away. He tries to compensate for this by regularly harassing geographically convenient players to go drink alcohol, claiming no connotation of date rape (watch out thesprazzler).


File:Terra1before.png File:Terra1after.png


  • When RearAdmiralSarge actually remembers something (never)
  • Annoying gricer1326
  • Disliking JZTech101
  • Terra-forming
  • Computers
  • Tea lots of Tea
  • Alcohol
  • The colour purple
  • Iceland
  • bustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustinbustin


  • JZTech101
  • The fact that the MCO world is screwed up (that's why I'm fixing it.)

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