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User bastetfurry

The Architect

Gender Male
Location Germany, Ruhrpott
Nationality German
DOB 2 July 1982
Occupation Single
In Freedonia
First joined 3 October 2010
First building Underwater Bar
Staff member Admin
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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Vintage 1982 computer nerd with a hearth for old computers, mainly the Commodore 64 and old games or games that feel old. Plays pen and paper RPGs, mainly World of Darkness. Part of the name is from the oWoD. Bastet, the werecats from Werewolf the Apocalpyse, are his favorite were creatures. Not part of the furry fandom as he loathes the fandom for their rose-colored glasses and sex-affinity. :3


Helpful if not abused or bullshitted, you don't want him as your enemy. Swift hammer against people ruining the game for legit players. Helpful to projects he finds cool.


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