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User Eilidh23

My Beautiful Face

Known as Eil, Eilidh, Aylee, Eiligh, Eili, E, Ale, Ell, Ellie, Elle, Aellie, Eyelid, Eel, Eilgh, Eye,
Gender Female
Location Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation School :(
In Freedonia
First joined 24th September 2013
First building Tiny cave outside of spawn
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Stone
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  • Castles (building them, living in them)
  • Roses/Poppies (basically any red flower)
  • Horses (LOTS OF HORSES)
  • People (sometimes)
  • Mining (But she's crap at it)
  • Pissing with new (and old) players
  • Walking about topless
  • Going on Teamspeak
  • Sharing music suggestions
  • Chatting with a all her mco friends
  • Spending far too much time on telegram


  • New players who constantly ask for stuff
  • Not having something to do
  • People who have shitty taste in music
  • Going into the nether (she ALWAYS dies)
  • Farming (crops take too long to grow)
  • When no one talks ingame or on irc
  • People killing her pets
  • Being referred to as male


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