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User Kittyboy666
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In Freedonia
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Kitty's Poems for Eilidh

"I'm Sorry"

Eilidh23 comes from a Scottish land

And thanks to her I'm not yet banned

Although I really shouldn't say such things

But everything is ok as I may soon grow wings

She has a real passion for killing kitty

But he doesn't mind because she's so pretty

Eilidh is also unspeakably rude

And hates to be called a dude

She's good at the piano

What rhymes with piano?

I'm sorry for killing that horse

I assure you I feel some remorse...

By Kittyboy666

"Passionate Poem"

Eilidh23 has golden hair

And dark brown eyes

Perhaps an endearing smile

And alluring thighs

But let's not dwell on such matters

Because her mum has a massive booty

And oodles of fat I wish to eat into

Is it wrong to be after such beauty?

Eilidh on the other hand is a little thin

Although good enough for a quickie

A little something on the side

I'll still show her my mississippi

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