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"Being sick of tea is like being sick of breathing!" -Iroh

User monsoonman

psycho mantis?

Gender male
Location an island
Nationality indonesia
DOB 11 2
Occupation student
In Freedonia
First joined 28th October 2018
First building L
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General Information


Monsoonman is a minecraft user living in a tropical monsoon climate. After a few years of staying away from Minecraft, he has recently become addicted to Minecraft once again, mainly playing in Freedonia.


Monsoonman has built two big structures thus far, a giant L, Helmet of the Giants and a fortress.

"R.I.P. L Lawliet"

"The Helmet of the Giants"

Monsoonman's Fortress


28th October 2018: Monsoonman (then known as WeetbixNinja) joins the server

28th October 2018: Monsoonman makes his base on an island in the middle of no where

28th October 2018: Monsoonman builds a giant L

2nd November 2018: Monsoonman builds the Helmet of the Giants

3rd November 2018: Monsoonman begins contruction of his fortress, with help from mk59apr

3rd November 2018: Monsoonman builds his 2nd base

4th November 2018: Monsoonman completes construction of his fortress

5th November 2018: Monsoonman starts construction of "Logdon Bridge Town"

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