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User MusheyRoom

Strange Mushroom Cow

Known as Mushey
Gender Male
Location New Zealand
Nationality Not Given
DOB 20 12 1997
Occupation Not Given
In Freedonia
First joined 28/9/2015
First building House at Mount Nyan
Donor level *** Iron
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Hi I'm Mushey MusheyRoom. I first Joined MCO on the 28th of september 2015 so at this present point in time I have been on the server for just over a year. I first joined because of two of my friends MIAGT and Anna_28 who I first meet on a server that is now closed sadly RainbowCraft. I myself am a friendly person who is always happy to help anyone with anything. tho my skin is a Mushroom cow you will see me say Oink more the moo. I am from New Zealand so if you want to meet me you'll have to be on when it is day time for me.

When I first joined the server I had my friend Anna (who I mentioned earlyer and was only a mod at that time) to tp me to her and my friend Mia and I started building my first house at a place that is now called Mount Nyan because of the big Nyan cat that Mia build as her house. after that all I really did was go around helping people and getting better gear. On the 3/10/2016 (The day of me editing this) I donated and got my first Rank, Iron rank.

Thats the is basicly my time on MCO so far. I hope to have alot more fun and meet alot of new people.

anyway thanks for reading this if you want to know any more just come and ask me im happy to tell you anythink and I may see u in game. :D Oink Oink

(P.S sorry if I made any spelling errors im bad at spelling) XD

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