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User SmackAttack86
Gender Male
Location Hudson, New York, USA
Nationality Jewish
DOB 27 8 2002
In Freedonia
First joined June 27, 2018.
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SmackAttack86 is a MCOnline Youtuber who records videos concerning MCOnline!

Sexuality: Straight like the gays aint :D

Likes: Chillin with his friend 44trent3, Video Games (Especially retro ones), Books (Only the good ones though), Youtube, His Pets, Being Sexy, His Hand (Only as a friend though...), Anime, Manga, Cheap shit such as Family Guy, Comedy, Big Tiddie Goth Girls, Sushi, Pizza, Any trashy all American food (Guilty Pleasure), Being in a secret cult, Being the most important one in the room, Being special af, Porn, Getting peed on by girls (Oh shit you weren't supposed to know that one), JPop, Vocaloid, JRap, The Left (Usually), Reddit, Discord, 4chan (except when the alt right is chillin on there)

Dislikes: Milf Porn, Scat Porn, Basically any kind of Porn that makes you question yourself, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Dicks (Its actually kind of kinky if a girl says she has a dick but they still on thin ice), shitty rap music, shitty pop music, Trump Supporters, Trump, Pence, The Alt Right, The KKK, The Confederate Flag, The Right (When they are being dicks which happens a lot), homophobes, sexists, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, /pol/ on 4chan, Joni Mitchel, scary images, people who don't think of animals to be as important as people, people who can't stand other peoples opinions, racists.

Political Views: Left Leaning (The well informed kind that reads the news a lot)

Word of Wisdom that is original and is not said by anyone else: The future is always one step ahead of you, thus, you will never reach the future, however, you will reach what the future leaves behind in his tracks.

Youtube Channel:

Discord: SmackAttack86#6106

Public Discord Server:

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