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User techkid6

The Youngest Admin

Known as tech, techy, techkid6
Gender Male
Location Room 101
Nationality American
DOB 18 5 1999
Occupation Programmer and Administrator at MinecraftOnline, IT Professional, Web Developer
In Freedonia
First joined 24 May 2011
First building Techkid6s House (Eastern Path)
Staff member Admin
Donor level ***** Aether
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< techkid6> SlowRiot: SEE, THATS how you assign bug reports, by offering to get on your knees ;)

Who is this techkid6 techkid6 was a Moderator between 18 June 2012 and 18 June 2014 (exactly two years), when he was promoted to the Admin rank. He is also an active programmer on the MinecraftOnline server. He joined in May of 2011. Today, he works on figuring out new things to do on the server, like game ideas, plugin work, and ways of making the server more fun for other players. techkid6 is on the Pigchinko team, as the Pigchinko Engineer, a member of Glen Team, and co-owner of MonopleVille.


  • SlowRiot
  • Our Staff - Moderators and Admins
  • Banning Griefers
  • When the Greport queue is empty
  • The MinecraftOnline community and world
  • IRC
  • Coding on MinecraftOnline (It makes him feel all bubbly inside)
  • Coding off of MinecraftOnline (He isn't AS bubbly, but, still mildly bubbly)

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