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User verydairyman

Leftover Skin from Steampunk Phase

Known as very, dairy
Gender Male
Location West Coast, USA
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined Nov 20, 2018
First building Las Vereno, Lugar
View profile and statistics verydairyman, or Papa Emile (on Discord) is a poor, bored user who joined MCO in November of 2018 after watching a, believe it or not, AntVenom video! The user is the Founder and Mayor of Las Vereno, a partially community funded project! Also the director of the Statue of Liberty project, a wannabe monuement coming soon. Very also co-founded Verallion, a town trade union, alongside Beeraeka


  • Mayor and Director of Las Vereno
  • Director of the Statue of Liberty project
  • Minister of Verallion


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